The K Drama Fashion You Are Missing Out On

September 24, 2020
Crash Landing On You

From head to toe Chanel tweed sets, the latest Valentino leather bags, and classic Celine ensembles — Korean soap operas are unmatched when it comes to fashion. 

Commonly known as K Dramas, Korean soap operas have been on the rise with American audiences, putting American favorites like America’s Got Talent and The Masked Singer on the backburner. Actually, many aspects of Korean culture have been heartily adopted by American consumers due to the tsunami of k-pop worshipping teens across the world. BTS not only ushered in a new era of pop music but they also inadvertently introduced us to all things Korean. And we are loving it. 

The most popular K Drama in the U.S. right now can actually be found on Netflix, and it is called Crash Landing On You. The show follows a young woman (played by Son Ye-Jin) who has become an extremely successful entrepreneur despite her family’s background. A paragliding accident lands her in North Korea right in front of a handsome young North Korean soldier. From forbidden love to family drama, to some of the best fashion on television since Gossip Girl — Crash Landing On You cannot be missed. 

Son Ye Jin Crash Landing On You

Now, let’s talk about the girls. There are many strong leading women in this drama and they all have immaculate taste. The protagonist is often caught carrying a chic Chanel Small Shopping Bag when heading to and from her office and even wears Balmain to work for parties. But the best look of all has to be the Bottega Veneta Bonded Leather Coat, Gentle Monster Eyewear, paired with the Roger Vivier, So Vivier Medium Leather Shoulder Bag. Yes, this is all one look. Yes, this is for Netflix. Yes, K Drama did not come to play

Crash Landing On You

When you do decide to indulge in fashion’s latest drama, there is one iconic look that is unforgettable and worn by the antagonist. It is a matching floral print shirt and wraps skirt from Ports 1961 Fall/Winter 2019. After she dons this two-piece set, you can see and feel the sense of evil oozing from the screen. 

For the men, the male protagonist can often be found in a North Korean army jacket, yet towards the end of the series he evolves into a men’s style icon. Sporting cashmere sweaters and tailored knee-length coats you can cop many of his looks from Bastong, Dunhill, or The Cashmere. 

Many of the other characters’ looks are just as memorable, but we’ve covered the most coveted. Whatever K Drama series you decide to indulge in, be sure to take copious notes because the looks never stop. Netflix + Chill + Fashion = something we can all get behind.

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