Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine Spills Beauty Secrets, Tips for Women of Color

November 1, 2017

“The Dallas market is booming. We know that Texas is considered to be not only one of the best areas in the country for salon and spa services, but one of the best in the world!” – James Vincent, Director of The Makeup Show.

The Makeup Show Dallas 2016

The Makeup Show 2017 landed in Dallas on September 23rd for an all-makeup-everything, action-packed, and definite “you should be here” experience. After all, you know how the saying goes,“Everything’s bigger (and better) in Texas!” — and that undoubtedly includes the love for all things beauty and cosmetics. Inspire N Style was in the house for all of the glitz and glam, and caught up with veteran beauty guru Sam Fine to get the latest dish on what’s hot and what’s not in beauty product land, for women of color.

Cormeshia Carson Batty and Sam Fine Inspire N Style

This year’s mission for The Makeup Show included building artists, and celebrating brands with product lines that consistently focus on diversity and inclusion. With this mission in mind, we sat down with industry giant, Sam Fine, to scoop out his faves! Read on for more on what should be pouring out of your makeup bag this season.

Inspire N Style: One of the things that we wanted to know is, what are your top brands for women of color?

Sam Fine: “I mean…there are so many brands, now, that speak to women of color. There are the traditional brands like Fashion Fair, where I was the Creative Makeup Director. There [is]…the Queen collection from CoverGirl, which I had the pleasure of being a spokesperson for as well. There’s Black Opal — and that’s just what’s in the drug store [sic].

Then there are brands…ranging from Becca to, of course, Makeup Forever. Gosh, I’m trying to think of some others, AJ Crimson, Danessa Myricks [Yes!], those are Pro brands. There are so many brands that speak to women of color in foundation product, that it makes it really easier for us to…find the perfect fit. Now you have Fenty Beauty [Yas!], there are so many options – there are so many options now!”

Sam Fine The Makeup Show 2017 Dallas

Speaking of Fenty, have you tried it yet, and…

“I haven’t. I’m slow to get to market. There are so many things that I haven’t tried. I’m one of those old makeup artists who, honestly, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So, I don’t find a great need for a lot of foundation products.

I think the range, like, forty shades from Makeup Forever, forty shades from Fenty Beauty; I think it helps real women find the perfect match. When you’re a makeup artist, you’re used to mixing and playing in a way that works really naturally for you as an artist. And that’s something that really doesn’t change for me. So, I rarely find myself adding a new color. I can do anyone from Paula Patton to Vanessa Williams, to Naomi Campbell to Alek Wek in my kit.”

What are your absolute makeup must haves?

Um, Duo eyelash glue, I use the black color. Black Opal stick foundations — people know that I love them. When I use liquid foundation it’s always Makeup Forever. MAC — they have a great black eyeshadow (carbon).”

What is the one thing that EVERY girl should know about makeup and makeup application?

“Geesh! That the puff that comes with your powder is not meant to last as long as you have the powder. Know that!

Glamour RX Bridgett LaDawn

On Your Makeup Tools

Because I think a lot of women think ‘I don’t need a new powder puff.’ But you NEED a new puff. The application changes with a new puff, so you want to make sure to change those. Tools are so important.  I think a lot of times we’re thinking product, but we have to think about tools. Replacing sponges, replacing applicators [and] cleaning brushes. This changes the application and makes it so much more. It’s like having a new product once you change the tool.

On Lip Brushes and Mascara

A lot of people constantly ask me about brushes or lip brushes or, ‘do you always use a lip brush?’ I do, it helps me get the perfect application. Those are some of the things that I feel women should never be without and never forget, especially when it comes to makeup application. And, of course, there is always the mascara, you’ve GOT to change your mascara every 3 to 4 months. I don’t care how often you wear it, it still needs changing because it affects the payoff.

On Foundation

If you have a foundation, sometimes it’s important to have one for summer as well as for winter. Our complexions change, especially for [people of color]…who are living in four climate weather. You know, like, New York, you’re getting the sun in the summer and you’re not getting it in the winter, and a lot of times the complexion can become a bit more sallow. So looking for a color that is your fall shade as well as your summer shade, which may have a little bit more glow to it.”

For updates and more from celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine, visit and register on his site at www.samfine.com. Feature image used courtesy of The Makeup Show. Sam Fine images credit Cormeshia Carson-Batty for Inspire N Style. This post contains Amazon affiliate links for products referenced by Sam Fine.

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