J.C. Penney Collaborates to Create Clothing Subscription Box for Big and Tall Men

December 22, 2017

A study from 2016 found that, on average, American men ages 18 and older spent $85 per month on menswear. Of course, you would be hard pressed to find a quality suit — or even a pair of sneakers — for $85. And as the price of clothing goes up, more and more women have discovered the benefits of monthly clothing subscription boxes. Even though women have had access to subscription boxes for a while, men now have the option as well.

In fact, the trend is so popular that major retailers are experimenting with the model. Case in point, J.C. Penney, a leading company that specializes in big and tall men’s clothing, has made the move into the world of subscription boxes. Alongside the men’s clothing subscription box service Bombfell.com, the companies plan to style big and tall men based on their personal preference at a price that is much lower than the standard subscription box.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Bernie Yoo, the creator of Bombfell.com, said they’ve heard from customers over the years who wanted the company to provide them with extended sizes. However, they’ve always had a problem with trying to find a good source of clothing items.

The J.C. Penney and Bombfell collaboration will still work similarly to other subscription box services you’re familiar with. They will allow customers to make choices of colors, style, and fit, all based on their personal preferences. The box will arrive within seven days of the customer’s order, and they will only be required to pay for what they decide to keep. The average price of the big and tall item will only cost $35.00, which is compared to $85.00 if one were to make a purchase directly on Bombfell.

While subscription services like these probably won’t appeal to the men used to shelling out hundreds of dollars for pristine custom suits, it’s a service that will probably be welcomed by men without a very large apparel budget.

Mike Amend, J.C. Penney’s executive vice president of omnichannel, spoke about how the box can be seen as a new form of convenience for this demographic of men.

“Men want to be stylish, too, but everyone is busy and starved for time,” Amend said. “Here’s a better way: They receive a shipment that’s trend right, personalized and in season.”

The companies say they see this as being a successful venture, as many people all over the country are already familiar with J.C. Penney’s brand and the work they do for men of the big and tall category.

“We see this as a long-term partnership,” Yoo said.

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