Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Dallas Co-Star Tiffany Hendra to Launch ‘Tiffirmation’ T-Shirt Line

April 6, 2016
Real Housewives of Dallas Tiffany Hendra Tiffirmation T-Shirt Line

TV personality and Sanctuary of Style Founder, Tiffany Hendra, is everything sweet, classy, spicy, and sassy — but one thing about Bravo TV’s newest sweetheart of the latest Real Housewives franchise, she’s truly inspiring.

Before the cameras began rolling for the Real Housewives of Dallas series, Hendra was most notably known for her positive, yet sarcastically #GirlBoss affirmations on social media. An entrepreneur and ultimate boss at heart, it came as no surprise that the former model would launch a T-Shirt line of her favorite “Tiff-irmations,” on the cusp of her reality TV stardom, and right on the day of the premiere of the first Real Housewives of Dallas episode airing April 11th. Genius.

Real Housewives of Dallas Tiffany Hendra Tiffirmation T-Shirt LineWe’re admittedly suckers for a catchy graphic tee or two in our wardrobe, so we “used our lady balls,” and caught up with the Bravo TV star, to chat all things Tiffirmations and more — just before the release of her hot, new t-shirt line. To get the scoop and more on Hendra’s new line, read on for the designer dish.

Inspire N Style: First off, congrats on all of your success! What inspired you to move forward with this amazingly sassy ‘Tiffirmation’ t-shirt line?

Tiffany Hendra: “Since I created my blog and web series, Sanctuary Of Style, I have had the goal of creating fun, inspiring merchandise ​for it. There are several sayings I’ve coined on my videos that my followers tweet and even made me artwork of. The use of affirmations is a key element of SOS and the hashtag #Tiffirmation just evolved on Twitter. I just love how concepts grow organically and authentically on social media! What better way to promote positive and sassy affirmations than on a cool T-shirt!”

We totally agree! With so many celebrities touting daily affirmations, what makes ‘Tiffirmations’ so unique and special?

“The Tiffirmations stem from my actual experience — just like the content in all of my Sanctuary Of Style posts and videos. When I post a Tweet, Facebook message or V-log, it comes from a place of authenticity and my heart. I actually say them to myself and hang them all over the house.

Affirmations have been a vital part of my spiritual journey from the very beginning. I began over a decade ago with Louise Hay’s affirmations then I put my spin on them in my voice and funny choice of words – [thus] Tiffirmations were born!”

Bravo TV Real Housewives of Dallas Tiffany Hendra Tiffirmation T-Shirt LineSo we’re a sucker for a great tee, as well as many other fashionistas we know. What are the price points and sizes that will be available? 

“Affordability is important to me so the tanks will start around $26, and the Tee’s for $32 ranging from Small to XL for women. Men are already asking about the Tee’s for them and I plan to add them to the lineup later.”

We have to ask. Will we hear many of these Tiffirmations on the upcoming Real Housewives of Dallas episodes?

“Not in Season 1. The term ‘Ladyballs’ came about in the show and I said it over and over. It must have been catchy because the producers picked up on how much I said it and they started saying it, too. I knew then that it was time to work on that merchandise line I had been dreaming of! With the exposure of the Real Housewives franchise and loyalty of the fans, I thought it was a wise business move to get it going asap.”

Bravo TV Real Housewives of Dallas Tiffany Hendra Tiffirmation T-Shirt LineIf you had to choose one Tiffirmation that has inspired you through your darkest time, which one would it be?

“‘WALK TALL’ (which will be my next T-shirt design). I started my blog and web series in LA​ when I really put my spiritual growth and self-development as a priority. It was my mission to help other women step out of shame and into confidence like I was working toward. I had to reprogram my thinking in order to overcome my issues and negative behavior patterns. Affirmations helped me do just that. Our words are so powerful! You have to speak life (not death) over yourself!

One random day in LA about 3 years ago, I noticed my body language was telling the world I was sad and insecure. My shoulders rolled forward, my eye line was toward the ground and I wasn’t smiling. It was an a-ha moment! I began noticing how many other women were walking around like I had been –  like they were ‘schlepping’ through life. I started saying the affirmation to myself when I began to slump, ‘Walk tall Tiff’ and I would raise my chin, hold in my core and pull my shoulders back. It immediately changes your physicality to one of power.”

And powerful she is. Make sure you check out the launch of Tiffany Hendra’s Tiffirmation tees available exclusively on her site,, April 11th. For more on Tiffany and her role as one of the Real Housewives of Dallas, be sure to visit the Bravo TV website for info.

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