Work Addiction, A Serious Problem with a Simple Solution

January 25, 2018
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For some people, working is so intensely satisfying. It feels good to earn money. It feels good to afford every want and need from your family. It feels good to achieve professional success and to be admired by your colleagues. Working makes you feel important — thereby boosting your ego.

But we all know that everything that’s too much is not good for you. When you have too much work and your job becomes your entire life, and you also start to damage all of your personal relationships — then you might be suffering from what is called “work addiction.”

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Work addicts are not your normal workaholics. According to Dr. Adrian Furnham in his article for Psychology Today, work addicts “have lower self-esteem and feel they need to prove themselves”…”they believe their organisation disapproves of a good work-life balance”… “they work in ways which increase work stress for themselves and others.” Whether or not they need the money, these people work night and day with no regard for their physical health and personal relationships.

Work addiction is happening to many people and can be potentially serious if not treated early on. While some workaholics experience minor burnouts, others end up crashing even harder because they took their life outside of work for granted. Are you someone who’s suffering from work addiction? Here are some tips to help you overcome it:

Redefine Success

Most work addicts are not just addicted to work, they are also obsessed with success. They are perfectionists and they like getting ahead of their peers, coworkers, or basically anyone in their social circle. The satisfaction they get from a promotion, a raise, or from producing great results is the only thing that keeps them going. They are never content with their current success and always try to aim higher.

Work Addiction

Perfectionism is a trait also found moreso in millennial workers than any other generation. Millennials who are more connected and exposed to social media seek share-worthy achievements in order to fill their social media profiles. This is also the reason why more Millennials workers experience stress, anxiety, and depression at work. It’s not wrong to seek professional success but to live a truly meaningful life filled with positive relationships, health, and spirituality.

Learn to Delegate and Say “No”

Too many of us feel compelled to do everything on our own. We refuse to ask for help for fear of not being able to control everything. But when it comes to work, even when you’re a solopreneur, it’s important to ask for help to spare some time for yourself. Tasks you can afford to delegate will free up significant hours of your day and give you your much needed rest and time for family and friends.  

Change the Way You Work

Work Addiction

Work addiction can be overcome by a simple lifestyle change. All you need to do is find out what’s the problem and how it can be fixed. If a work addict feels frequently tired and overwhelmed resulting in stress during and after work, then the problem is the way he or she works.

Most work addicts are multitasking throughout the day. Multitasking is a serial productivity and time killer. It doesn’t allow you to focus on one task at a time. Because of this you work longer hours and spend more energy switching through tasks. The solution? Stop multitasking and focus on important tasks. Once you focus on the results and the big picture, you’ll achieve better and greater balance at work and life.

Take Digital Breaks

Did you know that an average person checks his phone 200 times a day? A common thing with workaholics is they seem to be glued to their phones every part of the day. When you have your phone or laptops close to you then you are more compelled to work even long after the work day is done. The solution? Do a digital detox. Start with an hour a week unplugged, and then increase your load until you achieve more than 8 hours every day tech-free. Here’s a helpful guide to start and stick with your digital detox.

Work Addiction

Ask For Help and Support

Anyone who’s suffering from any kind of addiction deserves help. Work addiction is one of the most ignored issues among us, simply because being hard-working and industrious is thought of as a good trait. Most work addicts often have vices that are a result of their work stress (drugs, smoke, alcohol). When people decide to make a change, it’s important to have your support system close such as friends, significant others or family. There are also organizations, online addiction treatment sites and groups ready to help.

Being addicted to work prevents you from fully enjoying your life. People who want to break from their work addictions should follow the tips above in order to get started on their journey to change.

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