Which Kind of Subscription Box Is Right For You?

May 21, 2020

There’s a reason why subscription boxes have recently increased even further in their appeal to American adults and children alike. Subscription boxes are not exactly new inventions, and subscriptions in one form or another have existed for decades. But in recent years, as consumers became more and more focused on convenience and newness, the prospects offered by subscription boxes only become more exciting. Largely operating on monthly plans, subscription boxes offer consumers the ability to receive something that caters to their interests and switches up their monotonous buying routines. They also offer a level of convenience. Although subscribers know that they’ll be receiving something that they’ll probably like, they don’t have to spend time thinking about what they’re going to pick. Some find it fun to have the choice taken away from them, with the added anticipation adding even more value to their choices.

With that being said, those that have yet to begin perusing the different types of subscription boxes may not be sure about where to start there, too. But there’s a subscription box for virtually every type of person, sure to keep them entertained as they social distance. Below are some of the options available for those interested in starting a subscription.

The Outdoorsy Subscription

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are not receiving the exercise or simply time outside that they would be used to. Social distancing has forced many to spend more time inside than they would like. Fortunately, there are subscription boxes available that cater specifically to those with a love for the great outdoors, depending on their specific interests. Cairn, for example, is a subscription service that offers equipment for those interested in hiking and camping. While products like emergency gear or backpacks may end up in the box, so too may natural skincare products and snacks. For those that have perhaps a more specific niche interest, there are plenty of options available. Lucky Tackle Box, for example, is made for the fisherman or woman of all ages; as about 11.6 million people between the ages of six and 17 went fishing in the U.S. in 2017 alone, it’s clearly a popular activity. Lucky Tackle Box supplies subscribers with baits, magazines, coupons, and stickers for fly fishers. Barrel and Blade, on the other hand, is made for marksmen and hunters, providing everything from camo apparel to flashlights, and even weaponry. From the casual to the serious outdoorsman, there’s something for everyone!

The Health-Conscious Subscription

People across the globe are trying to take care of themselves, particularly during the pandemic when health is of the utmost priority. This is usually accomplished through a combination of diet and exercise, as people who exercise at least seven hours a week usually have a longer life expectancy. There are subscription services coordinated with this in mind, many of which are made with a global focus. Naturebox, for example, provides nutritionist-approved snacks that are ethically sourced, usually made from products like dried fruits and granola. Urth Box similarly provides healthy snacks, with the additions of other products like mixes and drinks. Of course, food isn’t the only aspect of life where people need to consider their long-term health. The Honest Box offers a monthly subscription that gives natural, non-toxic personal care and home cleaning products. The Yogi Surprise, on the other hand, gives organic products to the passionate yoga fan, with everything from jewelry to natural beauty products and yoga accessories. Through this type of subscription, you’ll get products that indulge your tastes or add to your life.

The Fashionista’s Subscription

There are, of course, subscription services available for fans of fashion. In fact, a lot of the more popular subscription services today are focused on beauty and clothing. If you’re looking to focus more on makeup, skincare, and haircare, there are plenty of subscription services to choose from. One of the most popular is Ipsy, which provides around five cosmetic products each month, of varying sizes depending on the tier that you choose. Its more recent competitors include Boxycharm and the Allure box. These usually offer beauty fans the advantage of being able to try out different products in sample sizes, before they invest in full-sized products. For those that prefer clothes, subscriptions like Stitch Fix are particularly notable. Stitch Fix introduces consumers to its service with a quick survey, which will require a subscriber’s measurements as well as their style and pricing preferences. The subscriber will receive five items handpicked by their Stitch Fix stylist. Though the service charges a $20 styling fee, the items can be returned free of charge if the subscriber does not like them; they’ll only be charged per piece if they keep them. Golden Tote offers a somewhat different model, in which they release a new collection every month, and subscribers can decide whether or not to purchase a piece. Some apparel-focused subscription services are also focused on functionality. Elizabeth and Clarke, for example, features products that are meant to be unstainable, and specialize in shirts and tops. As with most fashion-focused subscription boxes, they allow subscribers to pick their favorites. This box delivers on a quarterly basis; many boxes that deliver clothing do so less frequently, as people usually don’t buy new clothes every month.

The Foodie Subscription

Of course, there are also subscription services meant to cater to those with a great passion for trying different types of food. Some are meant to help those that are a bit too busy for grocery shopping and want to try something new. This would include HelloFresh, which would supply the ingredients and recipes for home chefs and cut down on the time they spend shopping and planning meals. Others cater to specific dietary needs or preferences. Taste Guru, for example, offers subscription boxes for people who eat gluten-free food, offering different snacks and goodies that can act as supplements. The Vegan Cuts Snack Box, on the other hand, offer vegan-friendly snacks as well. For those that simply want to indulge, Treatsie offers carefully-crafted sweets from around the world. Though perhaps those that use any of these services may also want to consider Quip, the electric toothbrush and dental floss subscription service; the American Dental Association currently recommends brushing twice a day, but may recommend that those that indulge in sweet treat subscription services brush more often.

Clearly, subscription services offer a number of different advantages and options. There is a subscription service available for virtually every interest, which makes it easier for people to get something that they would truly enjoy. At this point in time, it’s important for people to have as much fun as possible so that they don’t grow bored during this quarantine.

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