What Career Path in Business Is for You?

February 11, 2021

Whether you’re a high school student, a college student, or an adult looking to go back to school, the business field proves to be a popular career path to take on. If you’re thinking about going to college for business, there are several career paths within the field that can be pursued. Let’s explore some of the most popular options so you can determine if any of these careers would be a good fit for you.


Perhaps you’ve been brainstorming business ideas for years because you would like to own and operate your own business someday. Whether you’re looking to open your own cafe, clothing store, or manufacturing company, you will need business expertise from a variety of angles in order to be financially and socially successful. In fact, you may need knowledge in each of the following outlined business career paths.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you need to understand how to finance, market, sell, and operate your business. You would likely need to hire experts to accomplish these tasks successfully. For example, if you started your own auto shop, you may be inclined to hire a marketing company to optimize your website and market your company’s services. You may even partner with an insurance company to obtain information about car accidents, as around 4.4 million people suffer injuries from car accidents every year, so you are well-equipped to answer questions customers have.

Finance and Accounting

If you are talented with numbers, you may be interested in a career in finance or accounting. Degrees in finance can lead to jobs in financial consulting, advising, and planning, investment banking, portfolio management, risk management, stockbroking, and corporate finance. This particular business field allows for much flexibility, as a degree in finance and jobs in finance can be found anywhere in the country for a variety of companies and individuals.

Accounting also offers the opportunity to work with numbers. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) must pass an exam to add the title to their name. After that, CPAs can work for accounting firms or within big or small companies. Those with accounting degrees can also obtain jobs in the finance field. Essentially, those who work in finance help companies and individuals invest and manage their money for maximum profit. Plus, CPAs help with proper tax filing.


Another important aspect of business that continues to grow and change is marketing. Marketing involves managing website content and social media as well as finding ways to market a company. Graphic design, writing, and search engine optimization (SEO) also fall under this category of business. If you have exceptional writing skills and an eye for design, the marketing path may be a good one for you to pursue. Plus, a career in marketing can begin with a degree in marketing itself, business, sales, writing, social media management, or communications.

Marketing is constantly evolving. With social media continuously growing, new ways to format and optimize websites, and an ability to market products and services in different and more exciting ways as technology evolves, this business field is definitely one that will keep you on your toes. In fact, a relatively newer concept called marketing automation, which involves experts obtaining software and technology for more effective marketing, was reported by Gartner research as a means of increasing business revenue. Organizations that utilized marketing automation saw a revenue increase of 10% or more over six to nine months.


Sales is the most obvious aspect of business. If you’re a sociable and charismatic person, working as a sales representative for a company or business could be a great fit. Salespeople must be able to converse with and persuade others in order to close deals. A sales position is typically entry-level for an individual with a business degree. However, there is much room for growth. Those who earn their Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) have a higher chance of moving up the corporate ladder and earning Vice President, President, CEO, Director, Manager, and Executive titles.

Real Estate

Similar to salespeople, real estate agents attempt to close business deals through conversation and persuasion. On average, American homeowners move every five to seven years. This makes the real estate sector of business highly sought after. Real estate agents who work in big cities among wealthy people have the opportunity to make a lucrative living, as these professionals work to attain commissions for pricey homes and mansions.

Real estate agents may have more connections with a business degree, but obtaining one isn’t necessary. To become a real estate agent, you must attend the proper classes and obtain certification in your state. If you have an eye for design and if you’re a sociable person who is willing to continuously expand your contacts and connections in your community or city, this path may be a great fit for you.

The business world continues to evolve. If you’re looking for a career path that offers opportunities to continually make connections and work with others, consider a career in business. There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

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