Wander No More: 3 Travel Inspired Boxes You Need Right Now

February 27, 2017
WanderAway Travel Box

WanderAway Box Example

Paris. London. Italy. France. The Maldives. Or even one of the luxurious brisbane cruises. No matter where your imagination wanders, the travel bug often bites inconveniently when funds are running on E. Before you even think about paying for a plane ticket there are other unavoidable expenses you have to think about, like what kind of visa you will need or an ETA, if you are travelling somewhere like New Zealand, and a NZ eta isn’t free, so you will have to get creative in saving money on other elements of the trip. There are loads of ways though that you can get around this inconvenience of not having enough money for example, if you want to take a year away, then you might be interested in checking out something like this Cultural Care Au Pair, as this is a great way to experience a new culture whilst knowing that you won’t be having to spend too much. However, if looking after a child when you go on your travels is not for you then lucky there is a solution.

But alas! Great news for wanderlust wanderers lie ahead.

Just as good as a $99 glitch fare, we’ve scoped three emerging travel box services that are just as good (or even better) for your bank account than booking that roundtrip flight into the unknown. Read on as we dish the latest in travel addictions — one that you can indulge in right within the comfort of your home.


WanderAway Travel BoxJust fresh off of its February 1, 2017 launch, Cali-based travel company WanderAway prides itself on luring “travel enthusiasts and world culture connoisseurs.”

A carefully curated subscription box, the WanderAway experience entices travelers to “explore, dream, and travel” through samplings of mouth-watering #foodie discoveries, must-pack travel gear, locally-sourced specialties, and eye-catching artisan crafts. For the fortunate subscriber, reflections of a lifestyle culturally well-traveled will illuminate from one’s home, kitchen, or personal space.

Treat yourself now to this bi-monthly travel treat, and get a sampling of worldly adventures to satiate your jet-setting palate, until you can truly “wander away.”

Use our promo code “INSPIRENSTYLE” through March 1, 2017 to receive a discount off of your first box.


Spice Madam Travel Box

Things are heating up in the travel and food industries, and we’re not just talking about the temperature. Dallas-based company, Spice Madam, caught our attention recently while serving up deliciously fragrant spices at an area conference. Headed up by local Madams, Meghana and Kim, this culinary meets travel fusion is one that’s sure to spice up any kitchen’s cultural fare, on a much-needed monthly basis. Now that’s “hot!”

Prided as “your passport to culinary adventure,” being a Martha Stewart in the kitchen is not a requirement for enjoying the flavors of a Spice Madam subscription. Each box comes power packed with hand-selected spices, authentically curated recipes, a music playlist, and fun cultural facts for you to explore, discover and experience a different culture every month.

For just $20 (as a subscriber) or $24.99 (non-subscriber), you can feast your eyes and tastebuds on cuisines from around the world that are sure to set your soul afire. Indulge in this tasty affordable addiction now — your pocketbook (and passport) will thank you for it.


TripBoxx Travel Service

It’s your forget-me-nots packed in a box, with newly launched Dallas-based travel service Trip Boxx. Ditch the looming, sneaky suspicion that you’ve forgotten your travel essentials, as Trip Boxx ships your grooming essentials to your destination ahead of time.

TripBoxx Travel ServiceThis means additional space to pack even more clothes and shoes ladies, and it saves you a last minute trip to the travel aisle anxiously grabbing toiletries and necessities the night before flight.

For $28 and up, simply choose between a standard or deluxe box, (which includes basic essentials such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, body sponge, etc.); add in three more additional grooming or pleasurable items of your choice (condoms, razors, contact solution, etc.), and prepare for your customized box to arrive at your destination before you do. It’s definitely travel made simple.

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