November 8, 2015

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It’s another reality television series for the TV ONE family, but this upcoming production will proudly deviate from the norm. The Next 15, a docu-series focused on past reality TV stars, will highlight the lives of six former reality TV participants whose 15 seconds have essentially come and gone – relatively speaking. The twist however, is that The Next 15 will unveil what transpires before the cameras, but also the behind the scenes, as the series unfolds.

“The revolution is being televised and it is The Next 15!” proclaims Carlos King, Creator and Executive Producer of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and TV One’s Hollywood Divas. “This groundbreaking series showcases some of reality’s most iconic personalities in a spotlight you’ve never seen them before, while addressing the viewer’s curiosity of what it takes to make a reality show. The veil has finally been lifted giving viewers exclusive access into the production process of a docu-series.”

And by iconic personalities, King is referring to the original reality TV queen herself (whose name doesn’t end in Kardashian) Tiffany “New York” Pollard (Flavor of Love, I Love New York, pictured on the right below), recent Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-off Claudia Jordan, Basketball Wives veterans Jennifer Williams (pictured on the left below) and Laura Govan, Karamo Brown (The Real World: Philadelphia), and Raymond “Benzino” Scott (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta).

Jennifer Williams and Tiffany Pollard

The Next 15 will follow these personalities as they attempt to generate their next 15 minutes of fame by changing the current stigma associated with their personas, and channeling their careers to new heights.

Currently filming in Los Angeles, TV One’s The Next 15 will premiere in early 2016, uniquely redefining reality television by exposing what producers refer to as the “fourth wall” – the unseen relationship between the producers and the talent. The show plans to reveal the production process to viewers, and not in the shady “Let’s put two women who obviously hate each other in a room full of alcohol, and see what happens” type of way.

“With this new project, viewers will get a fresh perspective on the drive and ambition of reality stars who know there aren’t guarantees of longevity in the genre and who must work just as hard and twice as fast to stay in the game,” says D’Angela Proctor, Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Production for TV One.

And with that, we bid that these former TV stars get going – and soon – their 15 minutes have already started to tick.

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