Top 5 Menswear Trends for Winter 2016

January 4, 2016
Marcello Sport

It’s not just the ladies ruling the catwalk these days. Recent reports have charted tremendous growth in consumer spending, especially in the realm of menswear and men’s contemporary fashion — surpassing that of womenswear for at least the last five years. So who’s wearing the shopping pants now?

While men are outspending women and increasingly becoming more style conscious, slight variations to wardrobe staples drive the menswear trends this season from the runway to the closet. Taking it all the way back to the basics, Florida-based design house, Marcello Sport, dishes on top Winter menswear trends rounding out 2016, and how men can update their look for the cooler weather season. From gutsy prints to bombers to dashing denim, we dare you to boldly upgrade your wardrobe with these style essentials today. Every man should also have a custom-tailored suit in their wardrobe. Somewhere like should have a suit that satisfies your tastes.


Marcello Sport Bomber Jacket Men's Trend 2016



This versatile jacket style works both as a casual piece or a hip, polished look. This leather bomber jacket from Marcello Sport is also temperature versatile depending on how it’s layered. For mild winter climates, wear it with a t-shirt or light long sleeve top. For frigid temps, pair it with sweaters and scarves.




Marcello Sport Men's Trend 2016



The 1980’s represent fashion at its boldest and this boldness has made a strong comeback in contemporary fashion. A great way to incorporate the 80’s into your wardrobe is by wearing bold prints reminiscent of the era’s flair. These monochromatic paint splatter print pants from Marcello Sport are easy to pair with winter basics while adding a fun 80’s feel. Will you dare to go there?




Marcello Sport Menwear Trend 2016



Denim is a fabric trend that continues to rage through all seasons in both women and menswear genres. Beyond denim jeans, incorporate the look into your wardrobe with denim shirts and jackets. This classic sports jacket with denim detail from Marcello Sport adds an updated cool element to any outfit.





Marcello Sport Athleisure Men's Trend 2016



Athleisure is a recent trend that has been embraced across the board and continues to evolve as each season passes. Clothing once reserved for gyms or sport arenas are now seen as statements of cool and lifestyle chic. This varsity jacket, re-envisioned by Marcello Sport, is a great addition to any wardrobe and brings a bit of classic retro cool to the hottest in menswear trends.




Marcello Sport Statement Piece Menswear Trend 2016


Brighten up the winter season by wearing strong statement pieces. Whether it’s a dress shirt that adds a pop of color under layers or an enlivened sweater, this style strategy is a great way to make a winter look more put together and interesting. Take cues from Marcello’s signature style, known for its bold prints and vibrant colors.




All images used courtesy of Marcello Sport.

Marcello Sport Fashion Concepts ( is a Florida-based designer, wholesaler and retailer of fine sportswear for men. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they offer a diverse collection of formal clothing and sportswear with unique designs, exceptional detailing and fabrications. Experts in quality and contemporary trends, they travel to Italy and Turkey to hand-pick the best fabrics and research the cutting-edge trends in men’s fashion.

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