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Toni & Guy Launches ‘Natural Textures’ Services for Natural Hair

March 25, 2018

For many it’s a sigh of relief. For others it’s been a long time coming. Many will skeptically question “Why now?” Regardless of the spin, TONI&GUY is now embracing the opportunity to celebrate those with naturally curly hair. The new line of services is called “Natural Textures”, and will roll out this spring to more than 60 TONI&GUY salons and academies across the United States.

TON&GUY Natural Hair Natural Textures

“Celebrating natural hair everywhere with wavy hair, S Pattern, afro hair, and everything in between, ladies can take all the guesswork out of their styling regimen and benefit from the brand’s signature look, ‘British Precision with Italian Flair'”, TONI&GUY said.

The Natural Textures menu will offer natural hairstyle favorites, the Two-Strand Twist, Braid Out, and the Flat Finger Twist, with each look paired and styled with TONI&GUY products to achieve a crown of perfection.

Our Editor, however, was not easily convinced once she heard the news, and wanted to put TONI&GUY to the test. While known as a long-standing leader in professional haircare, haircut and color, she wanted to see for herself whether the T&G stylists could actually tame her natural mane.

We recently reported on the ascension of the natural hair movement and gave hints to the best in natural haircare in Dallas. Going “natural”, especially in the African-American community has been on the rise for many years and has spurred a movement of both women and men who are embracing their natural textures and who are committed to the best in both products and services for their hair.

TONI and GUY Natural Textures Natural Hair

TONI&GUY’s Ayesha Ali takes down Inspire N Style’s editor’s flat twists after they have dried.

To have a globally renowned name such as TONI&GUY stepping forth to create and implement resources for its students and professionals, shows inclusive growth for the brand and an assurance that any person, of any ethnicity, and of any hair type or texture, can confidently walk into a TONI&GUY salon and receive a professional who is qualified to do their hair.

We linked up with TONI&GUY natural hair specialist and the creator of “Natural Textures” Ayesha Ali (pictured above) to try the Flat Twist. After a heavenly (no exaggeration) shampoo and condition with Tigi’s BedHead Colour Goddess (which smelled like cupcakes – swoon!), Ayesha then twisted the hair using the L.O.C. (leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream) method.

After the hair was completely dry, she took the twists down with TONI&GUY’s S Factor hair oil on her hands, to achieve a style that was full of body, shine, and uniformed curls that lasted for the week.

Leah Frazier Toni and guy natural hair natural textures

Inspire N Style Editor Leah Frazier with the finished Flat Twist-Out style by TONI&GUY.

Perfect for the woman-on-the-go, or one who survives wash day but doesn’t have the strength (or time) to style, the Natural Textures services at TONI&GUY prove both affordable, time-saving, and professional. As there is more to natural curls than braid outs and twist-outs, we look forward to seeing more on the expansion of TONI&GUY’s menu for the natural hair community and to additional diverse options within the brand.

Photos used courtesy of TONI&GUY. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links for products referenced.




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