The Ultimate DIY Natural Face Mask

October 4, 2015

No trick. Just a treat…

Now is the time to trick yourself into a little treat starting with a tiny green goblin — the avocado. This single-seeded berry fruit has a rough surface, giving little insight into the luscious interior that supports our beauty from the inside and out.


As Halloween approaches, masks are on everyone’s mind and face masks should be on every beauty aficionados mind as we move to replenish our skin after the tart summer heat. This oval jewel is an au naturel moisturizer that won’t break the bank, heals damaged skin, and rejuvenates skin tissue just in time to be “BOO-tiful” this fall harvest.

Avocados are ultra-affordable and if you are looking for a big bang for your buck, this little treasure is full of wonder. We all know that avocado reaps great benefits from the inside out, but what about from the outside in?

Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe (a regular on Good Morning America, the Rachael Ray Show, and pictured below) advocates using an avocado and honey to create a DIY natural face mask that will give you a youthful glow, softened skin, and nutrients to boot.

Whitney Bowe MD Headshot

Two ingredients? All natural? Super easy and affordable? We want in — and we’re sure you do too! Dr. Bowe gave us the scoop on the super simple process, so here’s the skinny on how to do your very on DIY natural face mask:

  • Choose one avocado that is firm yet soft — the supple avocado. Cut it in half, peel it and do not toss the seed. (We’ll share why later). Put half away for later — possibly for a midday treat or a late night snack.
  • Place the peeled avocado half in a bowl with a tablespoon of honey. Adding more honey means a smoother texture and a quicker mask so we advise to use your discretion.
  • Spread the mask mixture on your face and neck. Relax for the next 10 to 20 minutes or more if you’d like. Use any leftovers for arms, legs and any areas that need special attention for unwanted dryness.
  • Rinse the mask off with splashes of warm water and pat dry.
  • No need to follow-up with any creams or lotions. Your skin is pillow soft and you are ready to be tucked in until morning. Upon awakening you will feel uniquely touchable.

Avocado Honey Face Mask2

Now, for the bonus, the SEED.

This is the avocado’s secret hiding place for its healthiest benefits. The seed packs 70% of the avocado’s overall nutrients with more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables, along with soluble fiber.

You can use the seed two ways. One is to grind it up and drink it in a juice or as a smoothie. The other is to take the powder and mix it into your face mask recipe (see above) or grind a coarser powder, to use as a scrub on your face, hands, and feet. To use the seed most effectively, you should do the following:

  • Place the seed on a windowsill to dry out.
  • Cut the seed in portions. Quartering it will do.
  • Place the seed portions in a blender and blend to the coarseness that suits your needs. A fine grind will do for adding the powder to your favorite nutritional drink. Use approximately half the seed for this process and adjust the mixture accordingly to suit to your individual tastes, since the seed itself is not very delectable. A coarser grind will do for your all over body scrub. Follow up this regime with the avocado facial mask recipe above and your in-home spa retreat now awaits.

Avocado Honey Face Mask

Given the exhausting list of ingredients that appear on the labels of moisturizers and other beauty enhancers, it is comforting to the “aww naturale” to know that we are getting the best for less and a short list of ingredients that speaks to the “no harm, no foul rule of beauty.”

So there you have it. Nature’s answer to softer skin and a healthier body lies within two simple ingredients — and it doesn’t require a chemistry degree or an inordinate amount of cash to see results. Take our word for it. Avocados are for the “aww naturale.” No trick. Just a treat. Now if we could just find out what to do with the avocado’s skin. We’re sure someone is working on it.

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