Texas Advancement Center Drives Down Unemployment Rate, Donates $250K in Scholarships: Here’s 10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

September 24, 2020
Texas Advancement Center

The Texas Advancement Center (“TAC”), founded by Marion Skinner, has announced its generous donation of $250,000 in scholarships for critical education courses and benefits to those financially impacted, displaced, or unemployed due to COVID-19. The Texas Advancement Center provides educational courses and certificate programs geared towards high school students, post-secondary graduates, unemployed, and underemployed adults within the workforce. Here are ten fast facts about TAC and their new $250,000 scholarship initiative:

  • Marion Skinner, founder of the Texas Advancement Center, says, “TAC began when we noticed a need in our community for a career school that catered towards helping unemployed individuals.”
  • The TAC’s most popular course is Medical Billing and Coding.
  • The TAC and Skinner want individuals affected by COVID-19 to know that there is help available and you can get trained in new careers with no out of pocket expenses (in most cases).
  • Marion Skinner explains why the $250K opportunity was created: “One thing we know and understand at TAC is that not everyone is given the same opportunities. We want to do our part and level the playing field as much as possible. If you do not qualify for state assistance for our school, then we want to try to get you qualified for our Scholarship Program. Our goal at the end of the day is to get everyone trained in their essential field and come out of school with no debt.”
  • The goal of the TAC is to drive down the unemployment rate. Skinner believes that, “We are currently at war with the unemployment rate. It got the best of us from March to July, but since August until now we started really gaining back momentum.”
Texas Advancement Center
  • TAC hopes that students will not only gain a certification in their field of choice, but come out of a TAC program with a sense of security with the knowledge that they have been properly trained to serve in an essential industry. Classes are offered in: Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Front Office, Information Technology, CDL Training, Forklift Training and more.
  • TAC has partnerships with Amazon, FedEx, and Baylor Scott & White Health to help place their students in jobs within those companies following the successful completion of their courses and/or certifications.
  • For those getting into the commercial truck driving industry, the TAC not only certifies students in driving, but also walks them through the process of having their own fleet of trucks and getting their own contracts with these same companies.
  • Baylor Scott & White assists TAC students with real-world hands-on experience and the clinical hours they need to graduate. Many students get the opportunity to continue work there full time.
  • Skinner says TAC’s future plans include, “Expanding to 5 locations in the DFW Metroplex then expanding towards Austin, Houston & San Antonio.”

Sign up for the 250,000 scholarship opportunity at TAC here.

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