TangoTab and North Texas Volunteers Feed Thousands in Wake of Tornados

TangoTab Dallas Feed the City

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It’s soon to be an evening that most North Texas residents will never forget. The riveting effects of multiple tornados, has claimed 11 lives currently, and has left many hoping that Saturday’s unfortunate turn of events was all but a nightmare. In particular, the EF-4 twister that struck the I-30/George Bush turnpike and its surrounding areas on December 26, was one where its aftermath was immediately felt and moved North Texas residents into the spirit of service. It might be a good idea for the survivors to consider roof repair austin or something similar to work towards repairing their homes after the event.

TangoTab Feed the City

Inspire N Style Editor Leah Frazier, poses with volunteer and single mom blogger, Kaywanda Lamb, during TangoTab’s #FeedtheCity emergency event.

Ironically, in the midst of the “season of giving,” the devastation following the tornados spurred a community effort and an outpouring of love towards tornado victims who either lost a loved one, lost a home, or were temporarily displaced.

With little to no planning time and less than 18 hours later following the twisters, TangoTab — an organization committed towards ending hunger — organized an emergency #FeedTheCity event to gather local volunteers in an effort to feed tornado victims and their families, spearheaded by TangoTab’s Nick Marino, Jr.

Close to 300 residents responded to the TangoTab call and headed to University Park’s United Methodist Church to participate in the #FeedTheCity event. Union Coffee provided warm beverages as volunteers distributed sandwich supplies, chips, cookies, water, blankets, coats, and other necessities for later drop-off deliveries to the tornado victims.

Despite the sombering circumstances, volunteers remained spirited and encouraged in the atmospheric presence of social good.

TangoTab Feed the City

Overall, 13,000 sandwiches were made, more than 10,000 bags of chips and cookies were assembled, as well as hundreds of blankets and additional supplies collected for those in need, but even more work needs to be done.

In light of its recent efforts to assist tornado victims, TangoTab remains committed to its continuous efforts to feed the hungry with its upcoming event in February 2016 to break the Guinness World Records for sandwich-making for those in need. The charitable organization broke the record in February 2014 and looks to achieve similar efforts in the new year.

If you’re looking for more ways to help or get involved, please stay up to date through North Texas’ WFAA’s site here. For more info on TangoTab and its efforts, please visit the TangoTab website at TangoTab.com.

Image 1 credit Inspire N Style Magazine. Images 2 and 3 used courtesy of Chantel Jones.

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