Stowaway Don’t Throw Away: Stowaway Cosmetics Launches Recycling Program for Earth Day

April 22, 2016
Stowaway Cosmetics

In today’s society, everything is super-sized. From serving sizes to spending habits to our homes, the daily lifestyle portrayal of more is more has resulted in an overwhelming indulgence into the unnecessary — especially in terms of today’s culture.

Combating wasteful behavior and just in time for Earth Day, Stowaway Cosmetics is taking things back to the basics with its “Stowaway Don’t Throwaway” recycling initiative, in an effort to reduce the waste of cosmetics and to recycle product packaging in return for social good. Here’s how.

We’ve all been there. The mascara product that morphs into gunk; the eye shadow that loses pigment because, well, you have eight other eye shadow palettes to choose from; or the liquid eye liner that’s no longer liquid, but a dry, matte, mess. While a coveted assortment of cosmetics is what every girl dreams of, the reality of cosmetics waste and its inevitable expiration is even greater.

Stowaway Cosmetics Recycling ProgramSo in comes Stowaway Cosmetics, a line of “right-sized” makeup products designed for full use by its customers before it expires.

This means no harmful preservatives because the products are tailored to be just enough for what you need, when you need it — especially for the woman on the go. Overall, this pans out to more time and money — which is always a good thing for women living in the era of the #GirlBoss. Trust us, your pocketbook will thank us.

But wait there’s even more.

Recycle your used Stowaway Cosmetics packaging through the company’s “Stowaway Don’t Throwaway” initiative, in return for more product. Yes, you read that right. Simply email Stowaway for a prepaid shipping label and get a $5 credit for every three Stowaway products you return. Now you can feel just as good as you look as you “Stowaway” and not “Throwaway.”

This Earth Day, consider simplifying your beauty routine and your expenses with Stowaway. It’s the perfect solution to today’s mobile woman.

Photos used courtesy of: Stowaway Cosmetics. 

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