Shampooing Too Much Is Harming Your Hair

January 8, 2018

Millions of people try different and new things each day when it comes to their hair. In fact, every single month, over 100 million Americans spend time in hair salons in hopes of achieving a new look. Changing the appearance of hair is one thing, but maintaining its health is much more important. If you want to get healthy hair though then there are loads of things that you can do. For example, you could check out this website here to see what products you could get for your hair, as there are so many different ones you can get. It just depends on what hair type you have and what you want it for.

According to a few prominent hair stylists, common hair-washing habits could actually be damaging your hair, rather than doing any good.

Famous hairstylist and YouTuber Kyle Krieger is advising people to cut down on the number of times they apply shampoo to their scalp and has provided some other health-related beauty tips, including not purchasing shampoo products from a drugstore.

“Sometimes I see people using drugstore products on set all the time,” Krieger said. “I feel like most people generally shampoo too often and a lot of people are shampooing their hair every day. If you’re using a shampoo that you get from a drugstore, a lot of them can be very astringent; they can be very drying.”

Some Americans shampoo once a day because their shampoo products simply tell them to do so. On most shampoo bottles, the instructions suggest applying daily, but once or twice a week is actually a much better option.

“I feel like they’re trying to get you to buy [shampoo] and then go through it quickly so you can come back and buy more,” he said about drugstore products. “It’s a business model.”

Paul Windle adds that rinsing is the most important part of the hair-washing process, and people should only use a small amount of shampoo a few times a week.

“People tend to use far too much shampoo,” Windle said. “The trick is to shampoo twice and both times use a small amount of product. It’s the rinsing that takes the dirt away, not the shampoo. There is no such thing as over-rinsing.”

If you’re trying to get a healthy head of hair, try limiting the amount of shampoo you apply each week and spring for higher quality products.

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