Post-Breakup Beauty: How to Get That Newly Single Glow Up

August 21, 2020

Even when a breakup is mutual, ending a relationship is never enjoyable. Whether you’ve recently filed for divorce (like two-thirds of women involved in failing marriages do) or you’ve recently decided things are over after just a few months into dating someone new, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling down in the dumps. But once you’ve had your fill of sappy movies, ice cream, and complaining to your friends, it’s time to really take care of yourself. And while your mental self-care is immensely important, your physical self-care is, too.

Although 95% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pre-trial, there’s not usually much you can legally do when you suffer from pain and suffering after being dumped. But you can enjoy revenge in the form of bettering yourself. Believe it or not, your beauty routine can make a huge difference in how you feel after a breakup. Although these tips may not cure your broken heart, they might address your broken-out skin and puffy eyes. If you’re looking to get that post-breakup glow up, read on for our recommendations.

“Face” the Music

The secret to glowing skin is hydration. And if you’ve lost a lot of water through your tears, your skin is probably looking a bit dull, puffy, and sad. It’s time to get serious about your face. But although 4 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S. during 2017, you don’t need to go for anything drastic. Restore that moisture by using an eye cream every night, moisturizing twice a day, remembering to wear sunscreen, and trying out a face mask on the weekends. If you’re into facials, head to a local spa and sign up for a treatment. Drinking a lot of water will help, too.

New Hair, Who Dis?

The post-breakup coiffure has become something of a running gag, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t go a little wild with your ‘do after your relationship ends. While you shouldn’t try to cut your own bangs or do a drastic dye job in your bathroom, you can trust a professional to give you something new. At a time when you don’t feel much like yourself, sometimes it’s easier to become someone else for a while. And who knows — you might end up loving your look for the long haul! Be sure not to rush into anything drastic, though. If you aren’t sure about what you want, you can always get a couple of cheap wigs first.

Time to Makeup

You might not ever make up with your ex, but you can make up your face! Use this as an opportunity to try out some makeup looks you would have otherwise dismissed as too outlandish. A smokey eye, a bold lipstick, or some faux freckles can allow you to have fun with cosmetics and see your beauty in a whole new light. Whether you’re meeting up with your BFF or you’re staying in, applying some makeup can sometimes make you feel like you have everything together — even if you’re actually falling apart.

Work It Out

Your relationship might have been full of irreconcilable differences. But you can still work things out by fitting in some fitness. This doesn’t mean you have to have a laser focus on getting that “revenge body.” Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself or punish yourself with exercise for what you think you might have done wrong in your relationship. Instead, try to view physical activity as a gift to yourself. Moving your body in any capacity — whether it’s taking a long walk every afternoon, doing some yoga in your living room, or sweating it out at the gym — is putting your health first. Not only will it release those feel-good endorphins, but you’ll also feel physically strong enough to take on anything. More than likely, you’ll feel more beautiful both inside and out.

Getting over a broken heart is never easy. And while it’ll take some time until you’re back to your old self (but better!), these beauty tips may help you feel better when you look in the mirror in the interim.


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