Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag with Delgado NYC

June 17, 2019

For some men, accessories are much more of an afterthought. To don the bag or go sans the bag is not at top of mind. However, for the trendier of gents, the often labeled “man bag” is more than just a fad – it’s essential. An object of appeal, spanning crossbodies to shoulder satchels to miniature backpacks and more – the man bag has evolved, making it oh-so-cool and fashion-forward to trek the streets of Dallas all bagged up in style.

Locally, Jerry Delgado has the fashion game “in the bag.” Creatively sparked by Texas, New York City and California living, the now Dallas-based designer crafts handbags essential for men and women inspired by everyday living. Delgado through his company Delgado NYC, is now setting the trend – but especially for the men. However there was just one, universal problem.

Delgado NYC Army Green Medal Stripe Gado Bag

“My work bags, gym bags, travel bags or anywhere-in-between bags had one fatal flaw…it’s what I’ve come to deem as ‘The Open Abyss’”, Delgado explained. “Regardless of the bag, I always found myself digging for lost lip balms, keys or AirPods. I spent hours searching the internet to find something that would organize my life’s necessities but the options I found either lacked style or quality. I decided that if I wanted a stylish way to organize my ‘essential junk’, I would have to create it.”

With its “Friday Night Lights meets Big City Lights” appeal, the new man bag has now arisen and evades the abyss. Curated specially from internationally made fabrics and leathers, with camo and natural colored selections to denim, the new Gado bags for men are where style meets FUNction. For the man-on-the-go, or for the CEO, Dallas’ latest designer wares are to be seen on the scene.

Delagado NYC Camouflage Leather Mono Stripe Chest/Waist Gado Bag

And for the “fanny-pack” man, there’s a bag for you too – but just don’t call it a fanny pack. Delgado chicly coins it as the Gado “chest bag” or “waist bag”, because for the true fashionisto, sporting a one-dimensional bag only one way, is nothing but a drag.

For more on this new Dallas brand, check out the designer collection at Bags are assorted for both men and women and range from $78 and up.

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