Nuurez, Inc. Raises Over $1.1 Million for First-Ever Alternative Real Estate Investment Opportunity Led by Noelle Randall

March 3, 2021
Noelle Randall NuuRez

Nuurez, Inc., a next generation provider of alternative residential real estate solutions, has raised over $1.1 Million (and climbing) for its innovative approach to real estate, with the crowdfunding campaign set to close on March 15, 2021. With over 1,154 active investors (to date), and endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as an “amazing, new financial opportunity”, the Nuurez low-risk investment combines home-sharing, temporary home rentals and real estate investing, to take residential real estate solutions to the next level.

The Nuurez Opportunity

Today’s home-sharing industry is missing the biggest potential market. With Millennials foregoing home purchases, and the Airbnb solution servicing short-term travelers versus extended stays, Nuurez enters to stake its claim with its unprecedented, new business model.

“Nuurez is a next generation real estate company. Our main focus is short term rentals,” said Nuurez Founder,  Noelle Randall. “We are acquiring properties through buying them, leasing them, and/or controlled properties that we can start to cash flow. The company is well-funded and acquiring properties — from small garden apartments to multi-family homes, and motels — on a massive scale. We already have properties in Florida, Georgia, Texas and across the United States as a part of this new venture.” 

A Nuurez rental property can be listed on Airbnb or any of the myriad of other similar websites by the Nuurez renter (primarily Millennials), allowing them to earn income, even though they do not own the property. Nuurez also works with its own investors (Affiliate Investors) who wish to provide their homes or properties for home-sharing. Nuurez will manage these properties and rent them on a priority basis to generate income for the Affiliate.

Nuurez non-management investors receive 60% of quarterly profits that are distributed by the company. Distributions are planned to begin at the end of the second quarter of 2021 and then continue on a quarterly basis. Affiliate (management) investors are paid monthly for revenues earned the prior month. To date, the company continues to attract investors who want to cash in on the innovative type of residential solution while reaping extra income from their properties.

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