Mystic May: Channeling the Calm After the Storm

May 14, 2016
Freedom Leah Frazier Kauai

“April showers bring May flowers.” That’s how the saying goes, correct?

It seems as though right around this time of year, the springtime often comes with its own set of tumultuous storms and thunderous upsets. Not to be taken literally, it’s normally around this time that the April showers of life has dissipated the excitement of the New Year, or the hopes and dreams of any vision boards created or resolutions crafted with the best intentions in mind.

Just following April showers will be May flowers — thus as it is with any storm, there will always be light or beauty following destruction. Whether you’ve had a rocky start to 2016 or have experienced personal, spiritual, or financial showers these past few months, our May and June focus for Inspire N Style will be to re-boost and re-charge your spirits, dreams, and aspirations to get you through the end of the year.

Revision Skincare

In the world of fashion, we will explore everything from wanderlust travel #inspo style to new designer discoveries that will bring your wardrobe to full bloom. For beauty, we have the best in revitalizing secrets to turn your frown upside down, and to keep you fresh and restored for the remainder of the year.

In need of an inspirational boost? Well, stay tuned for more inspiring stories from people just like you who have weathered the storm, and have successfully come out on top. From a Dallas model who has risked it all, or a mother who’d stop at nothing to save the life of her child, let passion be the sail that pushes you through the storm this shaky spring season.

Monterey California Cuisine

Put comfort onto the backseat and let that “something new” take the driver’s seat, as we introduce new dining options in Dallas, exciting store openings, stellar events, vacay versus stay-cay opportunities and more — just the refreshing perspective you’ll need to transform that shower into a flower for the next several months.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you and welcome reader feedback. If you would like to see more on a particular topic or have something exciting that we should consider for coverage, please contact us with your submission.

Remember: Be inspired — it’s in style.



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