Moving Forward From The #MeToo Movement: What’s Next?

September 4, 2019

While the Me Too movement seems to have lost steam in the U.S. as of late, many other countries are carrying the torch to promote cultural and legislative changes for the protection of women. However, despite the popularity of the movement in the United States since 2017, many concrete changes still need to be made.

Slowed Momentum In United States

The Me Too movement, originally focusing on sexual harassment in Hollywood, grew since its beginnings in 2017 to encompass workplace sexual harassment across a wide variety of industries. The momentum of the movement in the United States has since slowed, with many proponents of Me Too shifting priorities to focus on removing some of the major offenders of the current administration from office. With the upcoming election in 2020, Me Too remains a factor, though it seems to have taken something of a backseat to a variety of major concerns. While some people might not be losing sleep over it, others really value both the extra hour of sleep and the peace of mind in knowing change is happening.

Going Global: Me Too Worldwide

Just because Me Too has temporarily slowed in the United States does not mean the movement is gone for good. Thanks to social media and an overwhelming online presence, the movement has been picked up by women and victims in countries across the world. Many are using the banner to advocate for major change in nations where sexism and discrimination is written into legal systems, and these efforts have been met with varying success.

Legislation Yet To Catch Up

With Me Too having more significant success globally, it seems as though the United States has yet to see any major changes legally as a result of the movement. In some states, sexual harassment is still not considered a criminal offense. Rather, victims of sexual harassment can file a civil claim or lawsuit against the person who made sexual advances in the workplace. Even the most high profile offenders of the movement are receiving accommodations legally, as Harvey Weinstein’s trials are being moved out of New York City.

With the Me Too movement being put on the back burner in the United States, it seems as though results of the movement might be better seen globally than in the states. However, it remains to be seen what will come of legal action, and it’s possible that the movement could still see success at home.

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