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‘Marshall’ Movie Sparks Nationwide Educational Programs

October 9, 2017

Marshall, the hot new motion picture depicting one of the more pivotal cases of U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s Thurgood Marshall’s early career, is set to release in theaters October 13. Ironically, just following our screening of the film, we were ready to take action to encourage area schools, students, and educational institutions to rally up the troops to see what we’re coining as a “must-see” for the season. But — fortunately, BazanED already beat us to the punch.

Marshall Movie

In the wake of the Marshall opening, Open Road Films and BazanED have partnered for a nationwide student initiative surrounding the historical film and encouraging community discussion. From select screenings and post-screening discussions to educational curricula developed around the film, Marshall will not only be entertainment, but a film cloaked in intellectual dialogue and reflection.

Marshall is a riveting piece of entertainment, but it also tells the story of a vitally important and hugely influential American with whom all students should be familiar,” said Open Road CEO Tom Ortenberg. “We are thrilled to present the film to high schoolers for reflection and discussion, and work with BazanED, which brings its expertly crafted teaching materials to classrooms everywhere in conjunction with the film.”

Marshall Movie

The free curricula is available to educators and the community on In addition to its appeal to higher grade level students, BazanED has developed materials for lower-grade students to “encourage school districts around the country to honor Marshall by teaching about his life, times and accomplishments.”

“Thurgood Marshall is a real-life superhero, and this movie is a great way for kids to be introduced to a great American without feeling lectured to,” say Marshall Director Reginald Hudlin. “The movie is fun and exciting, but, both kids and adults learn a lot while having a good time, which is what education should be.”

Special screenings were held around the nation to honor Justice Thurgood Marshall on October 2nd — the date that marked the 50th year anniversary of his swearing in to the United States Supreme Court. Several African-American museums as well as Marshall’s law school, Howard University, took place in the screenings.

Marshall Movie Kate Hudson

Educational curricula about Thurgood Marshall that meet Common Core, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and NCSS state standards will be available at BazanED has previously launched successful education initiatives for 2014 Academy Award-winning film Selma, the 2017 Academy Award nominated I Am Not Your Negro, as well as many others.

Marshall hits theaters October 13, starring Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens, Sterling K. Brown, James Cromwell, and directed by Reginald Hudlin. The film depicts the earlier years of Thurgood Marshall’s (Boseman) career as he defends a black chauffeur (Brown) against his wealthy white socialite employer (Hudson) in a sexual assault and attempted murder trial. Partnered with a young Jewish lawyer Samuel Friedman (Gad), Marshall unravels a case that laid the groundwork for the Civil Rights Movement.

Photos Used Courtesy of Open Road Films.


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