Kellie Rasberry Emma Kelly & Me

Local Radio Queen Kellie Rasberry Launches Online Mama-Daughter Fashion Collab, Emma Kelly & Me

November 5, 2019

While you were sleeping, one of the most recognizable voices in morning radio dropped a new clothing company, and we have to admit—it’s really cute. Kellie Rasberry, co-host of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and a self-proclaimed “all black everything” kind of gal, launched a mommy-daughter e-commerce collab called Emma Kelly and Me (EK&M) on October 17th, and from the looks of it, this isn’t her first time to the fashion rodeo. Just fresh off of celebrating 25 years in Dallas, the Kidd Nation celebrity hit another milestone by taking the leap into fashionpreneurship.

“My father owned every type of business…a car business, shoe business, westernwear business, photo development business, car repair shop business, etc. My dad did all of that,” Rasberry dished. “I started selling shoes when I was 11 or 12 because we were in South Carolina…were there laws about that? I don’t know. I just liked earning my own money.”

With a knack for entrepreneurship and the itch for something new, Rasberry—the bubbly, often sensible voice of reason for the popular KISS FM show, craved something more to pour her talents into, and something that she could ultimately build a community around.

“I just needed something new,” Rasberry said. “I needed a creative outlet—something different than what I’ve ever done before. I was looking for a project that I could do outside of radio because my whole identity has been tied so much into it for so long.”

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