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L&B Concepts Dishes Details on Wedding’s Hot New 2021 Trends

May 18, 2021

As vaccinations increase and quarantine restrictions lift, many wedding couples remain hopeful that their special day will be as close to normal as possible. While many are opting for hybrid events (both in-person and virtual), attendance at outdoor and indoor weddings are on the rise. With the summer wedding season peeking around the corner, we tapped the shoulder of DMV luxury wedding event rental company, L&B Concepts, for a hint at what’s trending for the rebounding industry. 

Laura Fote, Co-Owner of L&B Concepts

“A year after shut down, we’re actually seeing in-person wedding celebrations coming in greater numbers,” L&B Concepts Founder Laura Fote said. “People are craving interaction and want to enjoy these momentous occasions in-person and safely with family and friends.”

Whether in the DMV area, the South, North or beyond, one thing’s for sure — couples are aiming for low stress, ease, and most importantly, joy, on their once-in-a-lifetime day. Fote taps us into the latest trends for the 2021 wedding season, and ones that both the bride and groom will say “I do” to.

Gimme My Wedding — But Make it Luxurious

“We’re seeing a trend that due to COVID, the wedding party is adopting this [YOLO] type of mentality where (prior to they would have second guessed their spend on luxury items) but now they’re more often than not to go for the luxury items or to indulge in the things that at one point they might have questioned. Life has taken on a new meaning a year after COVID, and so has one’s spend and outlook on the types of weddings they want to have. 

Centerpieces, Luxe Metals, and Grandiosity, Oh My!

“As I mentioned, we’ve had an uptick in the more luxurious, in-person weddings and less virtual weddings,” Fote emphasized. “Our customers are opting for the finest of chairs, tables, lavish centerpieces that are bold and grand – infused with a touch of nature, royal-inspired dinnerware, and the custom dance floor. If you truly take a look back at what COVID has done to society as a whole, what we are now seeing is an outpouring of customers who just want to live…and to do so on a grand scale, because tomorrow is not promised. And we love it.”

The Dance Floor’s in High Demand

It’s their wedding and they can dance if they want to… Whether the first dance, a line dance or the two-step, the custom dance floor is becoming one of the most requested staples for the 2021 wedding season. If you’re going to shake a tailfeather, why not do it to the tune of your own floor to floor design? 

Wedding Vendors Unite — Planning Made Simple

This isn’t really anything new per se; however, forming the tag team of wedding vendors before the wedding couple arrives helps to make the planning process much simpler.

Daniel Mofor, Co-Founder of Don Morphy and Bridal/Evening Wear Designer, Ese Azenabor

As for Fote and her industry counterparts, they have enlisted new partnerships and collaborations within the industry with other businesses of similar target audiences. This helps to circulate the business and ensure that all of the fellow wedding vendors survive and thrive throughout these times of uncertainty.

“Partnering with custom clothiers like that of Don Morphy allows for us to share our networks, reach new audiences during this time, and elevate one another’s businesses together. For example, Don Morphy is currently amping up for 65 weddings and 2021 is not even done. Partnering with an entity like them, gives us possible access to new customers that may not have known about our luxury event rental service. With this mindset, we will all rise out of COVID together.”

For more on L&B Concepts, visit L&B Concepts is a luxury event rental company servicing the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.

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