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It’s a Paw-ty for these Dallas Pets of Quarantine: The Work Edition

April 2, 2020

These furry co-workers show it’s all work and a little play while their favorite humans work from home.

If you have a furbaby or even swooned at the movie Pets, you’ll often wonder if your cat or dog has a human mind of its own. Even in the midst of COVID-19 and the disruption of life as we know it, these intelligible, high-sensory beings can tell when you need a little pick-me-up or have sensed that something’s out of order. But to these loyal creatures, in the midst of the current crisis, they’re totally #winning, because let’s face it — their beloved human beings are now home. All. Day. Long.

In the spirit of positivity, we tapped the feeds of some of our favorite CEO’s, bosses and work-from-home gurus — just to see how life with the newest member of their team is panning out. From napping on the job to barking it up on Zoom (can you please put your phone on mute?), these furbabies are now living their best #QuarantineLife.

We invite you to scroll through, “Paw-ty” on and “yap” it up for what we’re coining as the #PetsOfQuarantine – the work edition. You didn’t ask for it, but we’re delivering it. So smile. You’re welcome.

Meet Spirit: The Rescue Furbaby to Leah Frazier of Think Three Media and Inspire N Style

Spirit Think Three Media
Spirit’s favorite pasttime is napping on the job — with benefits. / Photo: Leah Frazier

So what’s in a name? Ironically, Spirit’s favorite pasttime is napping on the job, whether it’s curled on the couch, sunbathing near the balcony or spread under the couch — and she still expects full benefits and #QuarantineSnacks delivered ON TIME!

Meet Dallas – The Real HB(oss)IC: Furbaby to Bree Clarke of The Iman Project

The Iman Project Dog Dallas
Dallas overseeing mom’s latest DIY discovery. Photo: Bree Clarke

Don’t let the size fool you. Dog to DIY queen Bree Clarke, no “Paw”ject gets approved unless Dallas gives his wag of approval. Contrary to what you’ve heard, he’s all bark and bite when it comes to business!

My Darling Clementine: Furbaby to Rachael Loerwald – Brand Designer

Clementine Caught Red-Handed / Photo: Rachael Loerwald

The look you give when your boss glances over your shoulder after you’ve been pretending to work all day — yet your computer screen is blank. Giving us total Office Space (the movie) vibes….

Meet Tuco: Furbaby (oops) “elder” to Cynthia Smoot of Gangway Advertising

Tuco, the most senior member of the Gangway team

At age 12, Tuco is all tuckered out with the hustle and bustle of his responsibilities with Gangway. At this point, it’s all about work-life balance. Less work – more life. His face says it all.

Gia the Diva: Furbaby to Susan (“SuSu”) Thomas of The Oily Effect

Gia…caught in the act of taking an extended lunch break. / Photo: SuSu Thomas

We’ve all been there. When you “accidentally” forget to clock out for lunch OR you eat your lunch at your desk while “working” and then take the whole 30 minute or hour long break. (This is only what we’ve heard…) Well Gia the Diva was caught in the act of her “extended break”, but fortunate for Gia — her looks may get her out of this one.

Meet Goose and Chase: Rescue labs of Adrienne Santaularia, Communications & Development Director for The Dallas 24 Hour Club

Mom — clearly invading Goose and Chase’s bed space.

It could be double the fun or double the trouble with these two labs on the scene. We’ll side with the latter. From the looks of it, now that Mom is home — plans for world domination are on hold. To be continued post-quarantine.

Meet Wylie: Furbaby to Candice Stovall, Development Associate for Recovery Resource Council

Wylie making sure mom takes her designated breaks.

Wylie heads up the Work-From-Home Human Resources Group and takes his job very seriously. There will be no working through breaks (or maybe even “working” period) on his watch.

Have pics of you and your furbaby working hard on the job? We’re looking for the next #PetsOfQuarantine superstars! Shoot us a pic to for a chance to get featured!

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