Irvin Randle AKA #MrStealYourGrandma Breaks the Internet, Captures Hearts

July 1, 2016

Ladies, young and old — eat your heart out! We’ve got our paws on some serious eye candy,  but it’s definitely some Insta-Selfie style with a twist. With just a simple Instagram description claiming “too grown,” we must admit that the grey-haired Houston fox Irvin Randle, has us swimming in a daze. Dubbed by as #MrStealYourGrandma, the viral internet sensation is breaking the internet with impeccable style, and coming to a social media feed near you.

Irvin Randle Houston

From ripped jeans to fitted sweats to sculpted abs, Houston’s Irvin Randle is giving the young bucks a run for their money. And while we’ve always believed that great style never gets old, Randle is taking swag to an entirely new level.

A picture-perfect capture of all things GQ, Instagram’s newest selfie King is breathtakingly handsome, and on the cusp of being the internet’s hit viral sensation. The moment #MrStealYourGrandma hit the web, we morphed into super stealth stalker mode to get all the juicy deets.

A Houston educator, family man, fitness buff, and expert of the #selfie lip pout; Randle seems to have it all. As to whether there’s a special lady in his life — the hash-tagging Instagram pro seems to keep it mum, but one rose-filled post has us thinking there just might be. Lucky gal!

So while you can look, but definitely not touch, dream and drool, Irvin Randle has us all inspired to step up our style game, all day everyday.

All photos from Irvin Randle’s Instagram, @IrvinRandle.

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