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How to Feel Great With a Makeup-Free Face

November 2, 2019

Makeup is a wonderful, beautiful thing. But sometimes your schedule is a too busy for a full face of foundation. For those times you’d rather relax in the morning, going makeup-free can give you back a lot of valuable time. But what can you do to feel professional, fresh, and confident, even without wearing your favorite concealer?

By following a few trusty tips, you can help your skin always look flawless–no matter your daily beauty routine. Here are a few easy ways to still feel great while rocking a makeup-free face.

Master the basics

Every makeup-free look begins with a fresh, healthy base. But a lot of people forget that the “little details” add up. If you treat yourself right and give your skin the support it needs, you’ll be well on your way to a radiant complexion.

Start by mastering the basics. Drink enough water (8 cups a day!) and be sure to get enough beauty sleep. You can later add vitamins and supplements into your diet if you want an extra boost. Remember: beauty starts from within. Take care of your insides to have your outside look amazing too.

Get rid of the grime

Everyday life can leave a lot of wear and tear. Pollutants and dead cells can make your complexion look dull and tired. Make sure you’re exfoliating regularly if you want to show off smooth, fresh skin throughout each of your makeup-free days.

Exfoliating products come in all kinds of concentrations and delivery methods. Test and research formulas to find one that’s right for you! If you have oily skin, consider a physical exfoliant that contains oil-soluble ingredients. If you have drier skin, try out a product with glycolic acid or other water-soluble options.

Brighten up your look

Soft, bright skin can make you look instantly more youthful and awake. But you don’t need a ton of highlighter to brighten up your face. Even when you’re going makeup-free for a while, you can still get that fresh, dewy glow by using the right skin products.

Vitamin C is one of the best brightening ingredients on the market. It comes in a ton of different products and can even help manage pigmentation issues like dark spots or discoloration. Be sure to also hydrate your skin so that it maintains a natural glow. Products with hyaluronic acid, such as dermal fillers, can help lift and brighten up your face.

Invest in yourself

Serums and moisturizers all help rejuvenate your skin. But sometimes these temporary treatments don’t quite give the results you were looking for. If wrinkles and sagging skin are making you look older than you feel, then you might want to consider a more permanent solution.

Med spas and plastic surgery practices offer all sorts of state-of-the-art treatments here in Dallas. A facelift can help lift drooping cheeks and shrink a double chin. BOTOX® can smooth away wrinkles and give you a relaxed, rested look–with or without a full face of makeup.

Every woman deserves to confident and beautiful, no matter their daily makeup routine. Next time you feel like skipping the foundation, don’t worry about not looking professional and polished. With a few little skincare tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to start the day with a bright, fresh face.

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