How to Create a Fun and Organized Bathroom Space at Home

September 7, 2021

The bathroom space is one that can be versatile because it can be changed to suit a number of purposes. From being a simple space in which you perform your beauty regimen each morning to being a multi-use storage and freshening-up spot, you can get creative as to what you do with this space. Read on to see five fun things you can do with your bathroom space at home.

Use Wooden Pallets

For accent furniture or decorative pieces, you could up-cycle some wooden pallets, which will bring the beauty of wood into your space. On average, a wooden pallet has more than 100 nails in it which you can pull out and reuse, making your bathroom a lovely and sustainably designed space to some extent. Look around online for inspiration, from stools to stands and even cabinets made from pallets. You will get a unique edge to your bathroom at a budget to boot.

Add a Plant or Two

Plants can improve any space they are introduced into, and your bathroom is no exception. A gorgeous fern or a beautiful aloe Vera will be right at home and can fit even in a small bathroom, as long as you organize it right. You could use a stool made from pallets as mentioned in the first tip for a gorgeous accent in your bathroom. With the variety of plants available, you can even match up the colors or go for a stark contrast, whichever you feel will work for your bathroom’s decor.

Revamp and Increase Storage

Storage in the bathroom cannot be underrated, as it will always help in keeping the space neat and free of clutter. Things that will need storage space include toilet paper, fresh and dirty towels, soap, bathroom cleaners, and personal health and beauty staples like acne medication or ointments. Almost 85% of people get acne at one point in their lives, whether during puberty or even in their 20s through to their 50s. When everything has a spot in which to store it out of sight, you will find it easy to clean and find items you need quickly.

Have Fun With the Basins

Bathroom basins don’t need to be plain and boring, as they can serve an aesthetic as well as a functional role. You could try different shapes as well as use different materials, including wood and natural stone, which are both currently big trends in interior design. Plan the design out so that the basin does not crowd too much but rather takes up a small enough space while still being fully usable. The size will depend on the size of your family as well as the number of bathrooms your house has, among other things, so make sure to give thought to all variables.

Get Good Flooring

Flooring will tie up your bathroom’s design together, uniting all other design aspects in a harmonious flow. For this, it is even more important to get the services of a professional than with some of the other upgrades. This is because the bathroom is essentially a wet space, so it has to be appropriately sealed to avoid issues with mold and rapid wear and tear. It should also be easy enough to keep clean, as bathrooms tend to get dirty fast. The fact that you shed up to eight pounds of dead skin in a single year should show you the importance of having easy-to-clean floors, too!

Giving your bathroom a fun upgrade while getting it well-organized is easy enough to do. Set a budget and plan for what you want, and you will soon have a bathroom that everyone will admire.

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