Here’s What To Expect For Fall Fashion — And It Might Not Be What You Expected

August 10, 2018

As summer winds to a close, many fashion aficionados are looking to amp up their fall wardrobe before the colder weather hits. Luckily, Von Maur has revealed their top fall fashion trends for 2018, but others forecast something a little different.

Von Maur’s current fashion expert offered a special preview, claiming that kids’ fashion can expect flared pants to make a comeback, while down jackets and ruffles will reign supreme. For men, the color orange will mimic the leaves strewn on the ground in crisper weather while mixed patterns may put some men out of their comfort zone.

The real kicker is women’s fashion, however. Steering away from the usual orange and black soft looks we’re used to, this year’s fall fashion season brings houndstooth patterns, oversized layering, and powerful shoulders.

It’s no surprise that they’re placing a special emphasis on jackets this year, especially since oversized articles of clothing have taken the market by storm. The recent Copenhagen Fashion Week bore witness to countless boxy blazers, oversized dresses, and puffed sleeves.

However, one thing is for certain: layers upon layers will hold nothing back this fall.

Of course, jackets are a necessity when the weather starts to turn. Cold can make you more susceptible to catching illnesses. Over 56,000 people have died due to the flu since 2010, according to the CDC. In an attempt to stay safe, however, these layered looks might have gone one step too far.

Whether you’re pairing baggy shirts with oversized jackets or you’re opting for the slip dress and t-shirt combo that’s been a powerful statement this summer, the fall will witness the best and worst of new layered looks.

RACKED highlighted some avant-garde layered looks in a recent article. Between layered dad sweaters paired with unnecessary flannels and oversized parkas that swallow your arms and neck whole, the price tags can reach into the thousands of dollars.

“And finally, winter parkas will replace both beds and the concept of owning a home,” wrote the author of the article, Rebecca Jennings, as they highlighted the sheer volume of the winter parka.

Though these statement pieces seem to cost an arm and a leg, it’s no surprise the costs have risen so high. The U.S. is the current world leader for luxury goods and their position isn’t going to change anytime soon. In 2015 alone, the value of the U.S. market was around $91 billion. The market is able to charge such outrageous prices, well, because they can.

However, this large industry does little to account for the plus-sized women who struggle to find everyday fashion choices.

Fast Company highlights the importance of the ill-fitting clothing available for women who want the clothing to fit appropriately no matter the size.

“Most brands determine the fit of a piece of clothing on a single model, and then simply increase or decrease it proportionally for other sizes…sleeves that reach a woman’s wrist in a size 6, for example, would touch the floor in a size 30,” writer Elizabeth Segran writes.

This is damaging for the 67% of women in America who wear a size 14 or more. The baggy style, seemingly, isn’t just because it’s on trend; some women simply don’t have another option.

With brands like Universal Standard and J. Crew, however, some stores are looking to expand their collection to fit people of all sizes instead of opening up specialty stores to accommodate different sizes. Universal Standard plans to create garments that range from size zero to size 40.

Whether it’s luxury fashion that ranges in the thousands of dollars or a simple casual line, people all over America will ravage stores in the hopes to get on trend with the fall’s top styles. When nearly $45 billion of inventory is lost from inventory shrink, you might need to work a little harder to find the best fashion before it’s gone.

Even though it’s still warm out, it might be time to start stocking up in advance.

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