Healthy Tips To Wedding Planning And Managing Stress

November 1, 2019

It’s no secret that planning and preparing for a wedding is incredibly stressful, regardless of how close you are to the big day. Unfortunately, a lot of the culture surrounding weddings doesn’t help to make this time any easier or healthier. In fact, many brides struggle with managing this period of stress in a healthy manner. Use these tips to make sure you feel great as you prepare for your big day so you can walk down the aisle confident and healthy.

Budget Responsibly

Managing finances is hard even without a major event to plan for. When money is tight, stress levels tend to rise, and this goes double for when you’re wedding planning. To help you manage stress, do what you can to budget responsibly. Not every wedding budget can or will look the same. The average amount spent on a traditional American wedding is $35,329, but there’s absolutely no need for you to spend that much if that figure is unrealistic for you and your financial situation. Plenty of amazing weddings have been planned on shoestring budgets, and no matter what money you’re working with, your big day is sure to be one to remember.

Cater Carefully

For those who are more health-conscious when it comes to their eating habits, make sure you’re keeping your dietary restrictions in mind when picking out a caterer. Whether you’re limiting your diet due to allergies, medical conditions, or simply because you feel better when you eat a certain way, communicate your needs to your caterer at the get-go. This will help you feel healthy through the planning process and on your big day as well. For example, if you’re looking to eat as many whole foods as possible, ask your caterer about organic options. As many as 76% of American organic consumers cite the health benefits of organic food as the main reason for purchasing it, so your caterer is likely accustomed to making this adjustment to their menu.

Stay Body-Positive

Lots of wedding tips exist online for helping you find your “perfect body” for your wedding. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all for what that looks like. As many as 54% of U.S. adults are currently trying to reduce their weight, and that figure is even higher among those getting married soon. If you’re looking to diet and exercise in a healthy way leading up to your wedding, that’s great – but never feel like you have to lose weight for a wedding if you don’t want to. No matter what your size or what you wear, you’re going to be celebrating your marriage and enjoying time with your friends, family, and partner. There are no size requirements for a beautiful wedding, so don’t push yourself to lose weight, especially if doing so would be unhealthy.

Take Time To Rest

Once the wedding is done, make sure you actually take time to relax during your honeymoon. Plenty of couples attempt to fit as many activities and fun as possible into their honeymoon, but it’s important to take time to rest and recover after such a big event. The average newlywed couple’s honeymoon will last from seven to nine days, which leaves plenty of time for both fun in the sun and some well-deserved RandR. Don’t push yourself too hard, and enjoy the time you have to de-stress before returning back to the real world.

Wedding stress is incredibly common, but you don’t have to let it impact your health and wellness. These tips can help minimize wedding stress and keep you healthy leading up to the big day and beyond.

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