Have Clear Skin All Summer Long With These 3 Tips

June 7, 2019

Summer is a busy time for most people — work, exercise, seeing friends, going swimming, and having plenty of fun in the sun make summer a great time. But summer can also be pretty harsh on the skin, especially for people spending a lot of time in the sun. So how can you keep your skin clear all summer long? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Sweat it Out

A recent Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise Trends survey revealed that 45% of millennials exercise regularly. Working out is great for both your physical health and your skin because sweating can actually help clean out dirt and clogged pores. So if you don’t exercise regularly, consider starting this summer, even if it’s just a walk around the block. Do be mindful that almost 50% of colds occur in the spring and fall, though! However, it is particularly important for people who are active to take care of their skin. With an activity like salsa dancing burning off at least 420 calories every hour, exercising can result in a lot of sweat. Sweat can help clean out pores, but you need to make sure the sweat is cleaned off of your skin as soon as possible. So after a good workout, make sure to jump in the shower or at least wipe off sweaty areas.

Exfoliate Properly

During the summer, a lot of people experience increased oil on their skin. And this can quickly result in buildup, which can clog pores and cause acne. So it’s important to exfoliate at least once a week. However, you should consider a gentle exfoliant — the exfoliating products with grit in them can be really harsh on your skin and actually cause more problems. So consider an exfoliant that will be gentle on your skin, like ones with alpha hydroxy acids. Or you can even make your own exfoliants with food products and other natural ingredients. With less than 22% of household trash getting recycled in the U.S., you can do your part to help the environment while helping your skin.

Eat the Right Foods

The foods we eat have a big impact on the quality of our skin. During the summer, it’s important to drink a lot of water — water will keep the body hydrated, which will help fight off acne. Additionally, you should eat foods that have antioxidant or anti-inflammation properties. Foods like berries and lemons can help the body flush out toxins and keep the skin clear. Other foods, like shellfish, can do more harm than good and can cause breakouts. So while you’re at your summer parties, be mindful of which foods you’re eating. Consider getting a diffuser water bottle so you can hydrate and get good antioxidants into your system with fruits at the same time.

People spend a lot of time and money taking care of their skin and appearance. In fact, there were 1.09 million laser hair removal procedures in 2017 alone. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to take care of your skin properly. Washing your face, wearing sunscreen, and eating healthy can do a lot for your skin during the summer season. So stock up on some new seasonal skincare products, do a little research on which foods are best for clear skin, and keep your skin clean whenever possible to have clear, glowing skin all summer long.

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