Haute Trend: Socialite Pink Scores Big with Customizable Choker

February 5, 2017
Socialite Pink Choker Pic2

Fashion fads fade, but a great style statement will always reign forever. Resurfacing for a surprise comeback in 2016, the choker craze invaded every accessory department, adorning necks near and far from the boho festival babe to the cautiously casual chic. From Instagram feeds to Snapchat filters, chokers were back and fiercer than ever (check out these styles from Adina’s Jewels).

Capitalizing on the on-again-off-again trend yet determined to make impact, DFW-based jewelry company Socialite Pink struck gold with an innovative line of chokers — ones that are fully customizable, personalized, and guaranteed to withstand any fad, faux pas, or craze.

Socialite Pink Choker Pic

The Socialite Pink Customizable Choker collection immediately caught our eye. Multi-wrap leather chokers and crystal beaded necklaces are just a few of the style-savvy pieces that this socially conscious brand has to offer. But these beautiful creations are only the base.

Take your choker to the next level by adding one of many pendants from the collection to truly maximize your style.

We loaded up the car and headed out west to Hudson Oak’s Retrospection Boutique to shop this coveted collection and peep these sparkling beauties in full view. Comfortably nestled inside was Socialite Pink’s bubbly owner Brooke Reynolds, a layout of her newest jewelry collection, and a vast assortment of pendants and chokers ready for personalized touches by onlookers and shoppers who just couldn’t say “no.”

“I like being unique a lot. I don’t like buying the thing that everybody has. Chokers are a big deal and I like that it’s different and you can pick your own and make a statement with it being different,” said shopper Kennedy Boyd.

Brooke Reynolds Socialite Pink

We caught up with the talented visionary in between waves of choker-obsessed fans, to chat her newest phenomenon and to peek the buzz that’s driving area fashionistas crazy.

Stuck between a cup of Starbucks and a hard place, Reynolds credits the choker idea to a lightning bolt “aha” moment that appeared to her during a company brainstorming sesh at the popular coffeehouse. Mulling over the perfect seasonal pieces for the Socialite Pink gal, the new haute personalized choker collection was then birthed.

“I wanted the collection to be perfect for her,” Socialite Pink Owner Brooke Reynolds disclosed (pictured left). “If you want it to be perfect for her, then why not just let her design it? It would be great if she could slide a charm on [the choker] and also if the line had just more than one dimension of the style of the choker. Depending on the combination you come up with, you won’t see it on other women.”

The unique and exclusive elements are what attracts buyers like Boyd to the customizable choker style statement. From natural stones, crystals, beads, suedes, and more — there is something for every woman within this collection. And depending on the mood, sliding the charm on or off of the necklace can give the effect of a two-for-one piece.

All pendants and charms are $16, with base chokers in suede, leather, or beads ranging from $20 to $28. The perfect gift-made-affordable for the special someone who “has it all” can be achieved for as low as $36. Learn more about this collection and how to rock this hottest trend by visiting www.socialitepink.com. Seeing is definitely believing!

Photos Used Courtesy of Socialite Pink.


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