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Haute Société Debuts New Collection, Dallas Awaits for More

November 30, 2017

Haute Société, a Dallas-based contemporary womenswear brand, officially launched its 2018 collection to the public on November 12, 2017. French for “high class”, Haute Société lived up to its label by introducing a 7-piece collection of specialty jumpsuits for the woman that craves sophistication and comfort. Appealing to both slim and curvy body types, the Haute Société brand embraces a wide range of fits for the ultimate in high fashion apparel.

Haute Societe Dallas Fashion London Burton

“The mantra that ‘less is more’ is what guides the design philosophy behind Haute Société,” says Haute Société Creative Designer, London Burton. “The label reinforces the belief that women can be both classy and sexy. The result is a stunning minimalist collection in which each piece prioritizes the woman it represents.

With neutral colors, timeless designs, and quality materials, the debut 2018 jumpsuit collection promises to land in the closets of high-achieving women across the globe.”

London Burton

London Burton (pictured left) is the wife and creative director to highly acclaimed fashion photographer Kauwauane Burton.

On a trip to refresh her wardrobe, she realized that the professional woman has a choice to make: her comfort, or her sensuality. Not one to sacrifice both, London combined her admiration for the art of fashion, jumpsuits, and elegant suiting to create her own fashion label, Haute Société.

“To me, fashion has always been so much more than what I wear on a given day. The contours of the fabric, the materials in its construction, the feel you get when you put it on; all of these led me to consider any given piece one more of art than clothing. When I met my husband…I began working as his creative director and affirmed my passion for the industry,” she explained.

With the emergence of this high fashion brand, London is giving women like her a chance at the best of both worlds. The pieces complement confident sophistication, without sacrificing comfort or wearability. London, or @thelondonxperience_ via Instagram, explains that,

“The London Experience is less of a product and more of a commitment. It has been my personal commitment to do everything in excellence. It is a heartfelt promise, from me to each and every customer, that each piece will reflect the absolute best I have to offer, both personally and professionally. Each encounter with Haute Société as a brand will be nothing but as wonderful and as memorable as it can be!”

Haute Societe Dallas Fashion London Burton

The 2018 Haute Société collection features a total of 7 jumpsuits. Beginning in size XXS and going through Large, the prices range from $540 to $950. Crafted in the highest of quality, fabrics, and design, the Haute Société jumpsuit is available in styles mimicking the classic trench to those constructed from vegan leather, lambskin, Armani fabric accents, and custom marble print. The “Estelle” jumpsuit is artfully accented by antique gold hardware.

Haute Societe Fashion Jumpsuit

Are you a Haute Société woman?

“Every woman has a Haute Société woman inside [of] her,” London explained.

“She is the strong, independent, graceful professional that confidently radiates feminine sensuality and unparalleled poise. She craves comfort and requires nothing but the highest quality. She sets the trends rather than following them, and sets an example for every person that encounters her. She is truly high class.”

To experience and learn more about Haute Société, visit www.wearhs.com. Pre-orders are available now for 2018 and takes between 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Photo Credit: Kauwauane Burton

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