Good News Glasses Wearers: You May be Much Smarter Than You Look

July 6, 2018

Not enough people realise the importance of going for regular options appointments but I cannot stress enough how vital it is for your future. If you are questioning regularly ‘do i need glasses‘ then you probably are due a check up and you should book an appointment. If you wear glasses, you’ve probably heard people say “you look smart”. But, according to science, you may not just look smart but may actually be smarter than everyone else.

A new study from the University of Edinburgh says examiners analyzed hereditary traits of 300,486 people between the ages of 16 and 102. They found 148 independent genetic loci that can impact a person’s cognitive function. Out of those 148 loci, 58 were newly discovered (which is huge news). The study results also included how different health attributes could impact someone’s general cognitive function. At the end of their study, they found that people who had genes indicating their need for glasses were found to be around 30% more likely to smarter than anyone else.

Now, this is only referring to people who need glasses every single minute of every single day. It doesn’t include people who are farsighted, nearsighted, or who just need glasses to read a book.

According to Bustle, the study’s results come with more than just bragging rights for full-time glasses wearers. The results are actually a pretty big deal. Dr. Gail Davies, genetic statistician and analysis lead at the University of Edinburgh, spoke with the Independent about the findings.

“This study, the largest genetic study of cognitive function, has identified many genetic differences that contribute to the heritability of thinking skills,” Davies said” Since we know that “shared genetic effects on health outcomes and brain structure,” Dr. Davies went on to say, means that we have “a foundation for exploring the mechanisms by which these differences influence thinking skills throughout a lifetime.”

Researchers found other traits to be associated with general cognitive function along with wearing glasses. Smarter people were also found to be at less of a risk for heart attacks, lung cancer, hypertension, and depressive episodes. They were also found to be more likely to live longer.

At least 64.3% of adults in the United States wore prescription glasses in 2016. So if you wear glasses on a full-time basis you can start bragging about how you don’t just look smart, but about how smart you actually are.

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