Golden Girls Fans Flock to Pink Magnolia for TV Themed Cocktails

July 30, 2018

They’re the gift that keeps on giving — and long following their must-see TV departure, The Golden Girls continue to impact the hearts and minds of fans some 26 years after its final show. Whether you take to Blanche, Rose, Sophia or Dorothy, The Golden Girls are classic — with a theme song uniting all, via one catchy tune heard ’round the world. And now, in a total throwback to the queens, The Girls have touched down in Dallas — taking over the city one chic, delectable cocktail at a time.

Pink Magnolia Golden Girls

For Golden Girls fans, a trip down memory lane is only a drive away, as the popular Pink Magnolia eatery ushers in TV land nostalgia with its viral Golden Girls cocktail series — now offered through the end of summer. And in the “spirit” of The Girls (pun intended), Dallas celebrity chef and Pink Magnolia Co-Founder Blythe Beck serves up the dish on each tasty cocktail, leaving all to ponder which Girl they best pair with and why.

“Pink Magnolia is all about Southern hospitality,” Chef Blythe said. “It’s kind of the extension of my home. And who are the best ladies in the whole wide world but The Golden Girls to do a summer cocktail series around?

My bartender Jeremiah came up with this idea. He wanted them all to look like how you felt the girls were. And I have to tell you, as a chef…of all the food, the love, and the heart and soul that you put on the plate, it’s the divas of The Golden Girls that did it!”

And the “it” that Chef Blythe mentions, is the viral sensation The Girls ignited for the southern comfort restaurant. From North to South Dallas, Fort Worth and beyond, visitors now flock to the Bishop Arts destination, to get a taste of what Pink Magnolia is coining, “The Golden Days of Summer.”

  1. The Blanche – a scotch-based drink, masculine and stiff, just how Blanche liked her men!
  2. The Rose – the naivest of the cocktails, this mix is sweet, simple and innocent — just like our favorite girl from St. Olaf!
  3. The Dorothy – poured into a tall, slender glass, this cocktail features Equality vodka and is everything sophisticated with a sarcastic bite.
  4. The Sophia – delectably Italian with traditional flavors, this small and mighty blend is garnished with rosemary and the spiciest of the bunch.

Whichever of The Girls you may fancy, the Golden Days of Summer are here, and only in your backyard for a limited time. Whether paired with Chef Blythe’s Texas Heirloom Salad, Fried Green Tomatoes or Pan Seared Halibut, the Golden Girls are uniting Dallasites tastefully — one artfully crafted concoction at a time.

“The fact that [The Golden Girls] span ages, sexes, races, religion — it does not matter,” Blythe ends. “The Golden Girls have this very real, touch-you-in-your-soul way to bring everybody together.”



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