Flower Power: Coachella 2016 Ushers in Floral Body Painting Trend

April 19, 2016

Coachella 2016 Trends with Shoedazzle

Wave buh-bye to flower crowns and glittery flash tattoos and say a huge howdy to the hottest in festival season trends: floral body paint. As Coachella 2016 blazes full steam ahead, social media is plastered with models lounging carelessly, insta-celeb styles, and of course the occasional snippet of top international music acts.

Coachella 2016 Trends with Shoedazzle

But let’s be serious here. While blaring music in a Woodstock-inspired quasi-hypnotic atmosphere is the typical realm of focus, what we really care about is the who-wore-what phenomenon, and what trends will set the tone for the upcoming festival season around the world.

Hollywood A-lister Taylor Swift and insta-celebs @TheFatJewish and @WhiteGirlWine have pled a slow death to recurring festival trends of flower crowns and flash tattoos — and we would kind of tend to agree.

Hearing the cry of the fashionably forward crowd, Shoedazzle introduced floral foot painting at Coachella 2016 which is now the all new craze. A perfect “Coachella-esque” blend of flowers, paint, and glitter, the floral foot painting phenom is not going anywhere, anytime fast.

Coachella 2016 Trends with Shoedazzle

Festival goers packed the Shoedazzle station at its intro during Nylon Magazine’s “Brunch Me Baby” event, and with a non-stop line, and continuous crowd, this flower power trend is definitely a hit.

Paired with gladiators, flats, flip-flops, or wedges, this festival-inspired trend has us all “spring”-ing for a little bit more.

Photos used courtesy of Shoedazzle.

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