Diane Keaton Dazzles Dallas, Debuts ‘The House That Pinterest Built’

January 25, 2018
Diane Keaton The House That Pinterest Built

“The journey to your dream house is like life itself. No matter how you cut it, the process is filled with compromises, failures and setbacks. Knowing this, I say, do it anyway. Play with your dreams. Grab ideas and let them take you wherever they will.” ~Diane Keaton, “The House That Pinterest Built”

Diane Keaton The House That Pinterest Buil

Director. Oscar award winner. Author. And now Comedienne can be added to the long list of attributes that make up the astonishingly humorous Diane Keaton.

The 72 year-old actress dropped into the Dallas Market Center and the Aidan Gray Showroom on January 18th for a personal appearance, book signing and presentation to discuss all of the home and design inspiration that embodied her newest work of art, The House That Pinterest Built.

Welcomed by a sea of Market Center buyers and fans, the stylishly clad Keaton was draped in head to toe black, donning a fresh polka-dot mani and sky-high moto boots for an extra added layer of superstar chic. While her personal style was not on the agenda during her Big D visit, the witty actress kept things light and airy, even playfully flirting with a male fan, while debuting her new book to Dallas fans.

Affectionately labeled as “a style guide”, The House That Pinterest Built was inspired by Keaton’s journey of designing her dream house. Comprised of images and ideas that Keaton extracted from Pinterest, her home fully manifested itself given concepts and visuals that she had collected on the social media platform over time.

Diane Keaton The House That Pinterest Built

From the office to the bedroom to the bathroom, Keaton dished on her major design #inspo ranging from concrete, brick, reclaimed wood, chicken coop holders, and more — with other spaces surrounded by her second love, books.

Lighting also played a key factor for the house, making it one of central focus for the design and architecturally-obsessed Keaton.

“I think that light is essential in a house,” she said. “It really makes the house much more warm and it gives you the wonder of the outside world.”

Image after image of the “dream home” was projected as Keaton dished comical commentary on the inspiration for each fixture, placement, and concept.

But one thing was noticeably missing from “The House That Pinterest Built”: color. Black, gray, and white bore common themes within the home, with only a touch or two popped by color. However, as with all things Diane Keaton, this evident omission was intentional.

“I don’t really want my house to have a lot of color because people are really so much more interesting…and they are [the] color,” she explained.

Diane Keaton Dallas Market Center

Dallas Market Center, in partnership with Aidan Gray, successfully sold out of Keaton’s books. And definitive of the class act that she is, the energetic actress stayed to meet, greet, chat, and sign the books of every fan in line. There was no rushing and no tension — just the pure essence of time that Keaton graciously showed to those who supported her venture.

For those who now own a piece of Keaton via “The House That Pinterest Built”, they are now permitted to dream, play, pin, and actively execute any vision that spurs creativity.

“Stimulate your life with memories, photographs, travels, model homes seen off the side of the road, movies you’ve fallen in love with, blogs you’ve cruised through, or Pinterest, like me,” she wrote. “The point is, keep those dreams active. Then do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Life is a To Do enterprise. That’s what I say. In the end, of course, your home will always be one home, one loft, one living room, one master bedroom. One family. One you.”

Photo Credit: Leah Frazier for Inspire N Style Magazine. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. 

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