Dennice Johnson of Hyphen: Here’s What 15 Minutes with Grant Cardone Did for My Business

March 3, 2021
Hyphen Dennice Johnson

Grant Cardone is the mecca of entrepreneurs. He ranks among the greatest in business and has 10X’d the lives of some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. His events are magnetic and impactful — attracting the likes of Hollywood celebs such as Tyrese Gibson (The Fast and the Furious), GRAMMY award-winning performer Pitbull, and many other notables, along with millionaire hopefuls from around the world. Grant Cardone truly embodies the American Dream.

But what is 15 minutes really like with the star of Discovery TV’s Undercover Billionaire? Does Grant’s 10X approach really work? Can he really change the life of a small business owner — and do it all for free? Well, you’re about to find out.

I am the Owner and Founder of Hyphen — a premier concierge service for individuals who are in need of relocation services, specifically NBA and NFL players. When some of your favorite athletes find themselves in the midst of a trade mid-season, Hyphen comes to the rescue. 

Dennice Johnson, Founder of Hyphen

The headlines will typically report what team your favorite player was traded to, who they were traded for and for what amounts. The logistics that take place thereafter seldom make headlines — and understandably so. Essentially, there are at least a dozen individuals who work tirelessly to make the athletes’ transitions as smooth as possible, and this is where Hyphen comes in. 

These intricate trades require the pro athlete to uproot his entire life in just a matter of days. In many instances, our clients have to swiftly sell their homes, ship their cars and move their household goods. All of these decisions are being made while they’re simultaneously searching for a new home, within decent proximity to excellent school districts for their children.

Hyphen’s relocation specialists ensure that the transition is effortless, and seamlessly alleviating any additional stress to the player or his family. We are incredibly efficient and widely recognized for ironing out the most difficult of situations — even when it means reuniting a family during the Christmas season or any other strenuous circumstance.

We’ve done great work up to this point. Our clients are happy, families are settled and no matter what, everyone feels at home. However, after years of working with dozens of teams and hundreds of players and staff, I found myself wanting to expand.  

As it is with any entrepreneur, the thought of scaling my business was both perplexing and frightening. I knew it needed to be done, but I just didn’t know where to start. Up until this point, I had allowed my circumstances to cloud my thinking. My mind was filled with unrealistic scenarios of things that were never going to happen and I made every excuse for why I didn’t have the time, the resources, the connections or the know how to get it done. 

Now before you label me as a “Negative Nancy,” know that I have read all of the self help books that are out there. I have tried every methodology and strategic system under the sun. I now know that I was admittedly fearful of what life would look like if I finally took a chance on myself. And it wasn’t until I read Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule that I would experience a life-changing shift, both personally and professionally. 

After absorbing the 10X Rule, I was left with this euphoric feeling of invincibility. Imagine discovering that your highest self still had room for improvement, and that the version of yourself that loved to coast on autopilot for all these years, still had another level of gears to shift to — the gears of unapologetic tenacity, setting outrageous goals, and the drive to actually attain them.

Grant Cardone, Entrepreneur, Author and Star of Discovery TV’s Undercover Billionaire, Season 2

I had the pleasure of speaking with the 10X creator for 15 minutes, and the conversation was a game changer (no pun intended) for my business. What I gathered from Grant Cardone in a matter of minutes was something that I wanted to keep all to myself. However, due to the magnitude of the transformation, I felt compelled to share because every business owner, startup or entrepreneur should undoubtedly experience this. 

The Undercover Billionaire managed to completely dismantle my company, all the while simultaneously rebuilding it for its ultimate success. How is that even possible? He revised Hyphen’s marketing strategy, our target demographic, pricing structures and our overall approach. While on speakerphone, Grant walked me through the research he was doing on his end to help Hyphen. And although riddled with constructive criticism, my overall encounter with him was truly one of a kind and something that I will always place in the highest of regards.

Grant’s parting words to me were, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” As I considered whether to spread the good news, these words rang true. Hyphen’s trajectory to success will make others wonder how it all happened. Our story is the kind that will make you hop down the rabbit hole of comparison, just so that you can entertain that this type of encounter can happen to you too. 

Whether it’s Grant Cardone, the 10X Rule or any other seminar or class, invest and believe in yourselves and your business. Stop selling yourself short, coasting in autopilot or letting the fear of success keep you stagnant. We all have an unusual set of circumstances that hinder us following our dreams, but as Grant so powerfully stated, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Live up to your potential, give it all you’ve got, and when it’s said and done, share your transformation. You are the product of grit, growth and determination. Now go make your story known.

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