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Def Jam Artist Bobby Sessions Chats The Hate U Give, Thug Life & Manifesting One’s Success

October 3, 2018

“I’m Bobby Sessions – the legend from Dallas, Texas. That’s my reality I live in and I’m going to make everybody else adjust to that fact.”

Is it pride? Is it ego? Or is it just confidence that springs from the mouth of one of Dallas’ emerging hip-hop artists, Bobby Sessions?

Sitting across from the lyricist and in mannerisms unspoken, we side with the latter, as undoubtedly his light beams bright. He proudly dons a hoodie from Dallas-based designer Charles Smith II, topped with a lightly tussled fro. His thoughts are deep, and reverberate throughout the room like poetry, letting one know that the latest signee to Def Jam Recordings has seen some things in life that have pushed him to greatness – only things that he could encounter and battle triumphantly throughout his journey.

At the cusp of the release of the highly anticipated film, The Hate U Give, we sit down with Sessions to chat about T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E., his title track (The Hate U Give) off the movie’s soundtrack, and why he unapologetically tells the world that every blessing he’s encountered, has come through self-affirmations, manifestations, and The Law of Attraction. Read on as we dig deep with the young artist, and receive the latest in inspiration to want more and do more in this thing called Life.

The Hate U Give

Inspire N Style: The Hate U Give’s book and now movie title comes from Tupac’s saying: T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. Briefly tell us what it means and how you see it playing out in your world?

Sessions: “The acronym T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. from Tupac is ‘The Hate You Give Little Infants F**** Everybody’ – basically suggesting that the negative energy and vibration that you give to our young children has a negative impact on everyone. So that [saying] inspired the book by Angie Thomas, which inspired the movie which inspired my song, the title track The Hate U Give.

The film is really important, and it’s about finding your voice in the midst of adversity and shining your light, and I wanted to craft a song that inspired young people to find their voice when [they] see things like police brutality and injustice everywhere. Though it seems scary and it’s intimidating to speak up, we have to do it.”

Your cousin was murdered when you were 20. How did that reality play a part in the creative process for your new song?

“I can always draw from that for something like this because there’s nothing realer than that. I got an opportunity to watch the film in New York a few months ago and I was moved to tears and it was something I really wanted to be a part of, so the combination of my personal experience [and] digesting the film allowed me to write the song fairly easily.”

Bobby Sessions

Despite hardships and failures, you saw greatness for yourself. You actually manifested getting signed to Def Jam as a recording artist and spoke into existence having the title track for The Hate U Give. Tell us a little bit about that.

“I was introduced to the Law of Attraction through a documentary called ‘The Secret’ in 2013, and I had a paradigm shift from there and it gave me some insight into the patterns of my subconscious mind. For example, if there was a certain show that I wanted to be a part of I would already have these plan B, C, and D’s, like ‘Well, if this doesn’t work out then I’ll do this and that’, instead of really maximizing and manifesting Plan A.

When someone first gets introduced to the Law of Attraction they think all material things like ‘I want a brand new Audi’ – stuff like that. I realized that that wasn’t important. Def Jam Records was the place I wanted to be so I wrote it on a dry erase board…and I wrote down how much money I wanted. I signed with Def Jam on January 26 of this year in New York City and it was a wild feeling.”

And the same manifestation happened with this current film too.

“With this movie, after I saw it, I told my manager ‘Not only are they going to pick this song up, but they’re going to title it ‘The Hate U Give’ and they’re going to put it in the ending credits. I literally wrote this down and have so many witnesses that can attest to this.

When we sent in the song, we didn’t tell them where we thought the song should be in the film – they literally put it in the ending credits. Now I’m getting the opportunity to travel the world with George Tillman Jr. (director of The Hate U Give) to help spread awareness about the movie.”

What are you manifesting next? Do tell.

“I want my album that I put out down the line to go platinum. I want a platinum plaque and I want billboards around town. I want GRAMMY’s, and I want an Oscar for Best Original Song for The Hate U Give. I really feel like we made a powerful thing and I’m confident that The Hate U Give will be the number one film in the country.”

The Hate U Give

In all honesty, do you think America, let alone the world, is ready to receive the message and issues confronted by this movie?

“I don’t think there’s such thing as being 100% ready. The conditions are never perfect; there is never a perfect time to introduce somebody to something. I believe people will receive the film well. I think there is an incredible balance…and I feel like the young people in particular will be very motivated to find [their] voice and to use it for good.

Your voice is more powerful than a gun will ever be and I think the quicker we learn that, the deeper that that sinks in, and the more we can be aware of the power that we have in speaking truth and manifesting a great environment and giving love so that everybody is good.”


Our time with the young rapper is coming to a close, yet his wisdom is profound. It was clearer than anything that Bobby Sessions will confidently become a legend, because his will to succeed is so much greater than any force that can come against him.

“On December 31st of 2014, I left my 9 to 5 job with $50 in my bank account to pursue my dream,” Sessions told us. “And I would always tell myself that ‘I’m the greatest rapper in the world.’ I would just be programming my subconscious mind to just accept that as a fact – that I’m the best rapper in the world. And normally people will look at you crazy like ‘How dare you say that? That’s your ego.’ No – that’s my reality.”


Get the complete interview by listening here on the Inspire N Intel podcast. Also peek a special outtake interview with Bobby Sessions as we chat more on his top 3 tips of attracting the success you desire here on the Inspire N Style TV channel.

The Hate U Give opens in Dallas theaters October 5th and across the nation October 19th. Bobby Sessions’ title track The Hate U Give is available for download October 5th, with the full soundtrack including artists Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Tupac, and more available for download October 12th. Visit for more information.

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