Dallas Wine and Design Floral Trends 2017

Dallas Wine & Design Touts Top Floral Trends at Interactive DIY Gathering

April 17, 2017

The DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) obsession at Inspire N Style continues as we have gracefully captured the art of DIY entertaining to popular DIY cocktails in prior coverage. Yet still another to-do to cross off of our bucket list, is the itch for creative DIY floral design.

While we admittedly lack the skills necessary for the ever-so-coveted green thumb, we’ve discovered that a mimosa bar, White Girl RosĂ©, and miniature dessert offerings, brings out the best in our wannabe world.

Dallas Wine and Design Mimosa Bar

Such was the case at Lavender & Mint Design’s “Wine and Design” gathering at Richardson Mercantile on April 2, 2017. Whether it was a girl’s day out, mommy wine time, or crafty creative outlet for most, Wine and Design was “shear” war for some — vowing to create the most captivating floral arrangement, while others were happy to sip and stamp “done” to this interactive spin to floral art.

Bree Clarke Lavender and Mint Designs

“Every time I look at a workshop on Instagram and any social media, I just see one type of girl, one type of lifestyle — all doing that same workshop,” remarked Bree Clarke, Creator of Wine and Design, and Founder of Lavender & Mint Designs (pictured left).

“I wanted moms…daughters, bloggers, non-bloggers, influencers…everyone coming together to do one thing that they love to do.”

And that one thing was floral design. The ever-so-bubbly Kate McLeod of Kate McLeod Studio led the workshop touting three main floral trends in the world of “all things flowers” for 2017. Read on for more.

Go Green, The More Earthy The Better

With green heralding as the 2017 color of the year, it was of no surprise that the top floral trend was the inclusion of this multi-faceted shade. From moss to magnolia leaves to eucalyptus, surrounding your arrangement with plush greenery breathes life into the arrangement, and one that mirrors natural beauty.

Wine and Design Leah Frazier

Arrange In Threes

Being a flower-toting, floral design, HGTV-channeling superstar is not quite that hard according to McLeod. As long as you think in threes while you create, something magical may bloom. For example, start your arrangement by choosing three clusters of greenery. We chose eucalyptus, magnolia, and moss.

We then proceeded to place them in the vase at three varying lengths, three textures, and three angles to add depth to the creation. Sip some more mimosa, repeat with different flowers, and voila — a beautiful DIY design (see above).

Dallas Wine and Design Floral Trends 2017

Pop With Color

In the world of DIY design, the beauty in the process is that you make it your own. Go from drab to fab by popping your arrangement with beautiful colors of pinks, purples, and gold for the spring. Go a step further by creating your own color scheme, but using varying flowers of different lengths and textures to pull the look together.

All photography credit Photography by Katsi.


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