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Dallas Naturals Meet Glenn Charles, Your New Natural Hair Obsession

July 24, 2017

Be inspired and unapologetic to just be you…

“You and your natural hair are individual. Your journey is individual. Be patient with yourself and love your natural texture.” ~ Glenn Charles

The road to all things Glenn Charles was a journey. A journey birthed in curiosity that began with a mention by a friend, which turned into late-night obsessions of his insta-feed @GlennLovesCurls. From ethnic textures to finer hair and the like, one thing rang evident as we stalked, Glenn Charles truly loves curls — and the natural hair curls at that.

Glenn Charles Dallas Natural Hair

The curls of his clients are utterly hypnotic — swishing and swaying on his feed with vibrancy and shine. Moreso, the depth of his growing clientele of natural hair clients piqued our curiosity even more and before you knew it, we were rhythmically drawn in.

Not long after, our editor put the 26-year hair veteran (8 of those years with natural hair) to the test and visited the enthusiast for a fresh cut and style wanting the Glenn Charles touch (pictured left). Needless to say, she was not disappointed and can now see why many of the women in the Dallas natural hair and curl community crave attention from the social media star.

We caught up with the veteran stylist to get the scoop on all things natural hair, his go-to products, and of course his rise to Instagram-Fame. Dallas Naturals, meet Glenn Charles: your newest natural hair obsession. And — you’re welcome.

Our editor, Leah Frazier, prior to receiving hair treatments and a cut by Glenn Charles.

Inspire N Style: We are so honored to be chatting with you! We feel as though we’ve discovered this gem that we have to tell all of the Dallas natural community about. How do you feel about your burst to social media stardom through Instagram?

Glenn Charles: “I don’t know how to answer that without sounding big-headed or faux-humble. When I started doing hair, advertising was cost-prohibitive for many individual hairstylists. I’m grateful that a platform exists where I can show my work and market myself successfully.”

26 years in the overall hair industry, with 8 of those being with natural hair. What caused you to test the water with more coily, curly, and natural textures — especially as they apply to women of color?

“When I started cutting and styling natural hair, I did wavy and curly textures but always referred tight curly and coily hair to a co-worker. Four years ago she went on maternity leave and referred her clients to me with the following message, ‘be patient with him. He knows what he’s doing, but he’s afraid.’

It was a pivotal moment in my career; the crutch I had used for years was gone and I was left to do my best. Today, approximately 80% of my clientele have tight curly and coily hair (3c-4c curl pattern) — and I love it!”

“Today, approximately 80% of my clientele have tight, curly, and coily hair (3c-4c curl pattern) and I love it!”

Our Editor, Leah Frazier, After receiving a Deva Cut by Glenn Charles


So in your professional opinion, what are the most common problems that you see with women who have natural hair?

“Many women lack the confidence to wear their natural texture. But, the growing natural hair movement coupled with mainstream popularity of naturally curly hair provides positive, relatable images that encourage many to embrace their natural hair.

On a practical level, heat damage is problematic for people attempting to wear their natural texture. In many cases, heat damaged hair will not curl and needs to be grown out and trimmed away slowly or big chopped.”

Choosing the right hairstylist is difficult, let alone trusting someone to cut your hair. Add on the dynamic of natural hair and now it’s practically an impossible decision. How do you connect with potential clients?

“When clients see me for their first appointment, I always ask about their experiences of finding information about going natural. Most feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the mass of information and conflicting viewpoints of bloggers, influencers, and weekend warriors.

First and foremost, you and your natural hair are individual. Your journey is individual. Be patient with yourself and love your natural texture.”

Glenn Charles Deva Cut Natural Hair Dallas Leah Frazier

So after years of trial and error, what are your go-to products for natural hair?

“My go-to product line for natural hair is Innersense. The ingredients in their products are organic, certified organic, and biodynamic. Their cleansers and conditioner are hydrating without being heavy, and their styles dry clean without flaking or leaving dull, powdery residue. My favorite moisture treatment is DevaCurl Heaven in Hair.”

Any advice you want to dish to Inspire N Style readers on how to care for their natural hair?

“The best advice I can give someone for getting the most out of her curly do: learn to love your natural texture. Find trustworthy resources about maintaining your hair. is an excellent source of information that addresses every topic in the natural hair community.”

For more on Glenn Charles or to schedule an appointment with our latest natural hair obsession, please contact him at (214) 354-8565, visit Scene Salon at 801 Core Street Suite A, Dallas, Texas 75207 or reach him via email at

Photos used courtesy of Glenn Charles.

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