Dallas Microblading: 5 Things To Know Before You Go

October 8, 2016

Microblading, microblading, microblading. It’s the hot, new procedure getting tossed around amongst the housewives, beauty buffs, and of course the Hollywood celebs. So just what is microblading and why is it a big deal? After reading this, you might start looking into getting some microblading supplies of your own.

Well, our fearless editor dove deep into the hype, put the pros and her coveted brows to the test, just to see if this trend will stand the test of time. Curious to know more? Get ready to raise your perfectly arched brows and read on to discover Inspire N Style’s latest beauty obsession.

Dallas Microblading

1. NewsFlash: It’s A Semi-Permanent Tattoo On Your Face

While the idea of tattooing your face may make you cringe, the thought of semi-permanent tattooing sounds a tad bit better. Willing to try just about anything to report back to our loyal readers, we decided to visit Connie Lee Studio’s in Plano to test the magical eyebrow procedure with the Inspire N Style dubbed Dallas Microblading Queen herself, Ta’Mara Brown (pictured below).

Tamara Brown Dallas Microblading

Upon arrival, we must admit that we hardly did a lick of research on Microblading but was advised thoroughly of the ins and outs of the brow basics by Ta’Mara. I will say that if you are going to get microblading done you should make sure the beautician is trained properly at somewhere like this Riverside microblading school. Just ask them if they’ve received any training in microblading to prevent any wonky eyebrows!

The procedure in and of itself is virtually painless and ditches the inks and dyes comparable to those in ordinary tattoos. Ta’Mara emphasized the use of a plant-based dye that would fade over time for a more natural aesthetic, and after a touch-up or two, would last to upwards of a year.

What is that you say? No brow-filling or excessive shaping and tweezing for a year? Where do we sign up?

And did we mention the natural finish? With microblading, a feathering technique is applied to etch individual strokes for your eyebrows, creating the appearance of real hair. If you check out the picture above, towards the front of the eyebrows, those are not real hairs, these are the strokes from microblading!

2. Got Time? Beauty with MicroBlading Takes Time

Any good or beautiful thing worth having is well worth the wait. The same rings true for this now culturally viral procedure. While most microblading techs advise that two appointments will have you brow perfect, each appointment can run you between 2.5 to 3 hours at most for achieving the perfect brow.

Leah Frazier Dallas Microblading

Specifically, we journeyed to Connie Lee Studios for our first microblading appointment which took 3 hours, and then returned for a 4-week touch-up which took 2.5 hours to complete. It’s definitely a know-before-you-go tip, but this is a procedure you’ll definitely want to clear the calendar for.

3. Numb and Number

Leah Frazier Dallas Microblading

For those who hear the word “tattoo” and quickly want to jet, stick around for the best kept secret of microblading. While each individual stroke is essentially a tear in your skin to allow the dye to set in, the procedure is virtually painless.

For 25 minutes prior to the blading, a numbing cream is applied to your brows so that you can recline in comfort and imagine the beautiful brows you will soon don, once the whole process is completed.

Although we would love to boast 0% pain or discomfort, that just isn’t the case. The first set of strokes will hit at different levels of discomfort for certain people, but in our experience we achieved the true numbness to the blades around the second and third passes of strokes. So if this is something which you think that you would be interested in then you should check out this website here for more information.

4. Take Time to Heal: Beauty Beneath the Scabs

As in life, with any painful experience or trauma, there will lie beauty beneath the pain. While maybe this adds a dramatic interpretation of the microblading experience, the same rings true. Because the dye applied to the eyebrows will fade over time, the tech will apply darker strokes so that once the dye fades, they will look as natural as possible. So what does this mean?

Leah Frazier Dallas Microblading

For at least 7 days your brows will look like you went a tad overboard with your pencil or maybe that your channeling of the over-dramatized, vixen vamp routine went way wrong.

But whatever the case may be, just know that you’ll have to adjust to a darker set of brows for at least 7 days, and then voila! — covetable eyebrows this way come!

Of even more importance, newsflash — this is a tattoo; therefore, the breaking of skin will create scabs. Ta’Mara, in closing up our consultation, advised of the use of Neosporin on the brows twice a day for at least 7 days to assist with healing. You will also want to allow the scabs to fall off naturally. We promise you that beautiful, luxe, envy-inducing brows naturally awaits.

5. Affordable or Nah? Let’s Chat Costs

Do we really need to do a cost-benefit analysis to prove that investing in microblading is essentially getting away with highway murder? For a minimum of two procedures (first set of blading plus the 4-week touch-up), you will eliminate the need for extensive eyebrow maintenance for up to a year, and even longer for others.

For the woman who absolutely despises eyebrow shaping, tweezing, coloring in with a stencil, etc. — then this is the perfect time-saving procedure for you! The costs varies across the nation, but can range anywhere between $400 to upwards of $1,000. However, Ta’Mara can do it all for approximately $350.

Call before you go because pricing and packages differ. One thing is for sure, our editor’s brows are now the talk of the town. If you see them out, shout them hello, snap a pic, and tag us — because they are definitely Instagram, Snapchat, put-em-in-the-DM worthy!

For more information, book an appointment with Ta’Mara, our Inspire-N-Style professed brow queen here on StyleSeat. Follow Ta’Mara as she transforms beauty in Dallas one brow at a time, at @brownkatt_brows on Instagram.

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