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Dallas Jeweler Joe Pacetti Serves Up $82 Million Dollar Cake

July 27, 2017

There’s chocolate cake, red velvet cake, and even Italian cream cake — but an $82 million dollar cake? Seeing is definitely believing. Dallas jeweler Joe Pacetti of J. Pacetti Precious Jewels pulled out all the stops recently at a private dinner of 16 at the luxury Little Nell dining locale in Aspen.

oe Pacetti Diamonds 82 Million Dollar Cake

Coined as a “dinner to remember”, guests were treated like royalty as they dined on select pieces of Georgian silver from Mr. Pacetti’s own private collection. Always a showstopper, the luxe dining experience was also paired with wines from the limited Private Reserves of Rudd Vineyards out of Oakville, California. But the show doesn’t stop there…

Making the evening a tad bit sweeter, the ‘icing on the cake’ was the ultra-lavish two-tiered Vahlrona French chocolate cake served as dessert. Crafted by Little Nell’s own Pastry Chef Chris Guzman, the over-the-top treat was a cut above the rest once adorned with over $82 million dollars in precious diamonds by Mr. Pacetti himself.

$82 million cake Joe Pacetti Diamonds

The beauty was most definitely in the details for this chocolate creation, boasting bracelets of 2 carats each in oval-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, bracelets of 3 carats each in emerald cut diamonds, chandelier eardrops, diamond rings ranging from 14 to 30 carats each, ear studs ranging in size from 3 to 10 carats each, opera length chains of one carat each of brilliant-cut diamonds, and necklaces of 2 carats each in oval diamonds.

And as if $82 million dollars in diamonds weren’t enough, guests “had their cake and ate it too” on plates from the personal property of King George II with his personal armorial engraving as hand-crafted by Paul de Lamerie, circa 1741.

Living the life of kings and queens were utterly redefined in just one evening — leaving it safe to assume that no one that evening was left hungry, thirsty, or underwhelmed by the circumstances.

Photo credit: Ross Daniels.

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  1. That fat slob is a disgrace to mankind. He claims to hep the hungry and homeless but it’s all a cover for his flamboyant outrageous indifferent and pathetic worship of money! Truth be told it’s all a scam and one day he’ll have to pay or someone will have to payfor his credit cards and loans.

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