Dallas Brand Noya to Launch The Yoga Onesie, The Yogzi

March 10, 2016
Noya Yoga Yogzi

Everybody loves a good onesie, adults and children alike. But what if we told you that the newest in breakout athletic apparel was a onesie? Yes, you read that right. The Yogzi, an innovative one-piece yoga outfit for women, is the hottest new, functional, athletic garment to hit the market by Dallas-based startup company Noya “Nature of Yoga.”

While other yogis will shift, tug, pull, and fidget with tops that ride up during poses, or pants that will shift down during practice, the Yogzi alleviates all of yoga’s common mishaps. Everything with this unique and cutting edge garment will keep everything all in one place, and in style of course.

Designed and distributed in Dallas, and manufactured right here in the USA, Noya pledges to plant a tree for every product purchased, in addition to consciously recycling unused materials during the production process.

Noya Yoga Yogzi Dallas

We’ve had our eye on the Yogzi ever since we caught wind of its development by Noya’s Founder and Lead Designer Christine Reppa. We caught up with the creative entrepreneur to get the scoop on the Yogzi and how this new, haute design will be the next “it” thing for not only fit fashion, but in active wear.

“Good health is the foundation for growth. That’s why we set out to design fashionable and functional clothing,” said Christine Reppa, Founder and Lead Designer at Noya. “I started Noya after experiencing frustration with my own yoga practice suffering from the distraction of constantly pulling at my clothes. I saw a void in the market and thought I could develop a product that would allow yogis to focus on their practice rather than their clothes. It was also important to me that the brand have a platform to support this planet we call home.”

Officially launching on April 29, the Yogzi will feature a top with a built-in bra attached to pants. Stretching, posing, and twisting will be a cinch, and the Yogzi will not come untethered at the waist, or cause discomfort by the exposure of skin. Now how refreshing is that? Inhale. Exhale. Namaste.

Follow Noya and get up-to-the-minute updates by visiting its website or by engaging with the team on social media at @noya_yoga. SEE THE YOGZI IN ACTION BY VIEWING ITS OFFICIAL VIDEO HERE.

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