Cormeshia Carson Batty, Beauty Editor

August 17, 2017
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Cormeshia Batty

Dallas, Texas native, Cormeshia Carson Batty, began a romance with beauty and fashion as a plus-size child, remaking off-the-rack garments into off-the-chart fashions and always rocking the latest and greatest hairstyles. It’s been her lifelong dream to become editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine—a dream that’s not so far from reality.

It’s said that when a women changes her hair, she’s changing her life. For Batty, the cliché rings true. As motherhood approached, something in Batty shifted. She wanted to be the best, most wholesome mother she could be from head to toe—so she shaved her head as a signal of a new beginning. Now, as a mother of two, that bold gesture became a continuum of her beauty and fashion journey.

From a low-fade, to an afro and now, dreadlocks, Batty has incorporated culture, hair, fashion and makeup research and application into her writing and has come full circle as a lifestyle writer. Today, her position on makeup, beauty, hairstyles and lifestyle is among the most insightful, witty and unique advice of its kind. And now, she’s sharing it with the world!



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