Cora Black Brings the Heat: Say Hello to Dallas’ Hot New Leader

September 23, 2020
Cora Black

This was the year where the cream rose to the top. This was also the year where the strongest has survived. 2020 has been the year (for some) of “no holds barred.” With everything stirring in Dallas – from politics to the pandemic to racial injustices — one leader is emerging. She’s rising boldly, unapologetically and strategically — ready to lead the reins for the next generation proclaiming, “We’ve started a fire, now it’s time to fan the flames.”

Following in the footsteps of her family name, Cora Black brings the heat. Touting inspiration, leadership and now a need-to-know voice for the city, this HR professional by day and community activist is pushing for progression. Taking on a new role as the President of the Dallas County Young Democrats (“DCYD”), we sat down with the blossoming trailblazer on her take to the future of the city.

Inspire N Style: Tell us about your new role with the Dallas County Young Democrats.

Cora Black: “I was recently honored by being elected as President of the Dallas County Young Democrats by fellow young leaders in our community.  I am ready to serve the people and bring that Harris energy into my new role.  My first goal for DCYD is to energize young voters to help the complete slate of Democrats to win in November! The fight wont be easy. We’ll need to execute a broad effort to educate our community on the issues, mobilize, and ‘Get Out the Vote’ throughout our county.

Cora Black

“I am the bridge building leader that will never shy away from a challenge and I won’t walk away until the job is done.” 

I was inspired by Senator Kamala Harris throughout her Presidential campaign which led to her historic VP nomination for the Democratic Party. She is Black, Indian American, an HBCU grad, a member of Divine 9, a stepmother — she represents so many groups and doesn’t leave any [of them] out when speaking.”  

What immediate changes would you like to see for the city of Dallas?

“Here in Dallas, we represent a plethora of different backgrounds. We have made some great advancements of seeing diversity in our political system…however, we are lacking in the type of economic inclusion that creates generational wealth and provides a new class of philanthropic donors in our city. I’m ready to see a new generation of people of color elevated to higher levels in all spaces here in Dallas because growth cannot be achieved without political and economic inclusion.”

Cora Black

People are saying that in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, things feel different this time around for changes surrounding racism. The nation feels change will actually come because the “young people” are fired up. Do you agree? In what ways do you see the younger generation spearheading change in a way prior generations were not able to?

“I passionately agree that young people and young voters are the key to pushing the Black Lives Matter movement forward. I think there are several factors why:

1) Social media is exposing much more of what’s going on in people’s homes and communities than ever [before]. This means more awareness at the daunting amount of racism that exists. 

2) Gen Z has shown themselves to be unafraid to confront hatred not only from their friends and colleagues, but also their family members. Previously, Black voices and Black stories weren’t mobile outside of the Black community. Now our stories are being shared and discussed in non-Black homes which gives BLM a further reach. 

3) The group of young people we have now are not just speaking on issues, they are also applying BLM to their daily lives. More money has gone to Black organizations and causes this year than any time in history. That shows we’ve moved the needle; now we all have to focus on progress.” 

“We’ve started a fire, now it’s time to fan the flames.”

For someone in your role, many will think it’s all work and no play. How does an emerging leader like yourself unwind?

“I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. I make a killer seafood risotto, homemade buffalo wings to die for, and shrimp fajita bowls worth writing home about. Many times my family gatherings are centered around good food, lots of laughter, and love.” 

Well make sure we get the invite next time! You also come from Dallas royalty. It’s all in a name. Given your strong Dallas roots, where are some of your favorite places to frequent?

“I love going to the many mixed used developments throughout Dallas with great restaurants and shops all in one walkable square. I will always love Snider Plaza, the Bishop Arts District, and Lower Greenville. I’m excited to see new developments in the future!

As for hidden gems, I am exploring more walking trails during the pandemic and I absolutely love the Coombs Creek Trail, which connects Kessler and Steven’s Park as well as the Cedar Mountain Nature Preserve.” 

After all is said and done, what’s in your future? What should everyone be on the lookout for?

“Look out for me taking on more roles advocating for professional, political and economic upward mobility opportunities for people throughout our community. Historically in Dallas, only a few are picking our leaders, a few are chosen as leaders, and all others are excluded and ultimately disregarded. Our city can do better — and a better, more inclusive Dallas is certainly worth fighting for!” 

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