Carolyn Constantine’s 5-Day Fix Boasts a Healthier, Younger You in Just 5 Days

December 7, 2015
Carolyn Constantine

24. That’s the number of days remaining until 2016. With Thanksgiving fading into the rear, feelings of guilt, remnants of excessive eating, and awkward bloating still loom as even more holiday dining endeavors for Christmas lurk right around the corner. But no fear. This is a great time to make a lifestyle commitment to yourself because the “wonder-full” in you deserves it.

Make a commitment to an improved you — that on January 1, 2016, you will start the year trimmer, slimmer, and happier with an improved lifestyle. Yes, lifestyle. Instead of starting with New Year’s resolutions that are swiftly broken, commit to a head start now and work the kinks out daily so that on New Year’s you are well on your way to a newly refreshed wonderful you.

Carolyn Constantine 5-Day FixWe’ve searched far and wide for the most manageable and effective lifestyle plan, and alas we found one. And here’s the clincher. It only takes five days and it truly works.

Inspire N Style contributors tested out the healthy-living strategy and thereafter reported pounds lost, flatter stomachs, no more bloating, and more focus. And the coup de grâce —  there were no forced visits to the gym. And with that, you had us at hello.

The 5-Day Fix, developed by Austin-based lifestyle coach Carolyn Constantine (pictured left), is a system designed to quickly and easily rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit by eliminating the toxins in your body, speeding up your metabolism, and decreasing stress. Acting much like a reset button, additional benefits include anti-aging and a more holistic approach to diminishing unhealthy eating and other mindset related habits.

In designing the plan, Constantine considered the busy lives most lead and the emotional roller coasters that send people straight to the fridge in dire search of carbs. The 5-Day Fix highlights built-in success features to counter these detrimental triggers throughout.

“Having a daily routine that consists of several small steps will help you to achieve success,” Constantine says.

Carolyn Constantine 5-Day Fix


Constantine found that leading work-driven or inordinately busy lives without taking the time out to breathe and have fun resulted in stress, lack of sleep, ingesting unhealthy foods, dehydration, and a total lack of reflection. These behaviors all contribute to diminished brain function, anxiety, aging, and ultimately weight gain. To counter these effects, Constantine created the 5-Day Fix system with five major components to revive the mind, body, and spirit: Nourish, Hydrate, Move, Meditate, and Rest.

  • Nourish – Eat 5 small meals daily. Eat often and eat organic. Choose from anti-aging and detoxifying foods such as kale, pineapple, wild salmon, and more. For the complete meal prep and grocery list, see below to contact Carolyn for the blueprint.
  • Drink – Hydrate with 1 gallon of spring water every day. Drinking five 26 oz. cups will help you meet your goal.
  • Move – Walk for 25 minutes every day. Constantine recommends breaking the 25 minutes into 5 minute intervals. For example, walk 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes before or after lunch, 5 minutes at night, etc.
  • Meditate – Practice appreciation and gratitude for 5 minutes in the morning and meditate 5 minutes every night. As soon as you wake up, say out loud 1 thing that you appreciate in your life and 1 thing that you are grateful for. Set your intentions for the day using visualization. I.e. (“I will have a great day at work. I will exercise for 25 minutes. I will nurture my body by practicing healthy habits.”) Take 5 deep breaths and then smile!
  • Rest – Sleep 8 hours every night

The complete 5-Day Fix along with sample meal plans, grocery list, and success tips is available for free by emailing Carolyn Constantine at and soon to published to her new site,

Carolyn Constantine 5-Day FixUsing her degree in dairy and animal science and her passion for food, animals, and anti-aging practices, Constantine decided to create a plan that addressed total life balance. After watching others toil away daily at jobs that left them with little energy for personal endeavors, she quit the corporate world in search of a way to renew herself and support others on a journey to quality living.

Constantine started her own company ReViveU and reigns as the quintessential lifestyle and anti-aging coach. It was important for her to address the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of her clients, so she started with herself first.

Walking the talk, she has experienced the drama, cravings, successes, and setbacks with the new lifestyle change. Her aim is for her clients to receive life-altering experiences that transform them from living robotic busy lives to positively embracing each day while learning and growing in the knowledge of a better, more content self.

Carolyn Constantine’s coaching approach differs from her peers because of her energetic and positive spirit by which she guides her clients and workshop participants. 5-Day Fix registrants receive positive email check-ins from the lifestyle guru throughout their time on the plan, as well as inclusion in a private Facebook group where accountability and further encouragement is received.

Another aspect to Constantine’s coaching, is that she moves outside of ordinary diet and nutrition assistance, but goes above and beyond to help clients connect the dots of their life to reveal the good and damaging habits that add balance to or hinder healthy lifestyles. The bubbly coach essentially “hacks into your life,” un-invasively of course, to help provide tools to keep you on track to a healthier, more energetic, and anti-aging regime.

Carolyn Constantine4Lastly, Constantine is hands-on. She offers a 3-day VIP program to clients who want a quick start to their lifestyle upgrade. With this face-to-face program, Constantine virtually lives with the client by shopping, cooking, inventorying the kitchen, eating, and exercising with her clients during the VIP period.

Now, more than ever, is just the right time to set yourself up for a Happy New Year. Instead of making resolutions that will ultimately falter, the 5-Day Fix is one that is manageable, relatable, and one that can guide you to healthier lifestyle changes with positive impact. Start today. Commit.

For more information on the 5-Day Fix, email Carolyn Constantine at or sign-up for updates for her new website ReviveU at Images used courtesy of Carolyn Constantine.


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