Business Lounge Dallas


October 12, 2019

Business Lounge Dallas (BLD), a co-working lounge and event space anchored in North Dallas, historically now hails as the only female black-owned co-working and business lounge establishment in Texas. Launched in early 2018, BLD has hosted well over 1500 people in its 900 square foot space, as well as partnerships spanning with TEDx, DFW Den Radio, and many other highly regarded entities.

Founded by business enthusiast and entrepreneur Ro Simmons, BLD has the elevated appeal of a traditional work and event space, but unconventionally focuses on one-to-one business growth. Outside of its weekly/monthly events, workshops and seminars, BLD remains mom-and-pop — as it takes a hands-on approach in ensuring that resources are provided, so that all new and emerging businesses “can stay in business.”

“I started the Business Lounge because I wanted to equip the entrepreneurial community – especially black and brown entrepreneurs — with the resources needed to do business in an elegant and uplifting atmosphere – and make it relatable to them as I am a woman of color,” Business Lounge Dallas Founder Ro Simmons said. “It is different from our competitors because we have curated a highly unique experience. The intimate atmosphere, the hands-on guidance, the networking – where else can you go to get work done and hear the O’Jays playing?”

Business Lounge Dallas boasts over 100 5-Star local reviews on Google, in addition to services including professionally led workshops, co-working options and business plus lifestyle events.

To experience and learn more about Business Lounge Dallas, visit Plans for expansion are forthcoming and will be announced at a date later in 2019.

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