Take a Chill: Bowen House Gets Crafty with Cool Summer Cocktails

July 8, 2016

Bowen House Dallas

Need to take a chill from the heat? Well, your summer temps just got a tad cooler with these four cocktail creations from Uptown Dallas’ Bowen House — a craft cocktail bar situated comfortably at a Texas Landmark, the Ahab Bowen House.

Intimate and friendly, the Victorian style setting is just a walk away from classic Uptown digs, and a sip away from being your new go-to destination. Whether an original cocktail, custom concoction, or choice off the popsicle cocktail roster, these four Bowen House blends will have you not sweating the small stuff in no time.


Bowen House Popsicle Cocktail

Pictured: “The Breakdown of Elizabeth” Popsicle Cocktail

An Inspire N Style favorite, this fruity cocktail has the sweet, the spice, and everything nice. An artful blend of Midori, strawberry gimlet, and a jalapeño popsicle surprise, this Bowen House creation is a definite must-add to your cocktail bucket list.

If tropical paradise is your thing, then this one’s a do, but beware of the kick…it’s a hot one!

(Try “The Breakdown of Elizabeth” popsicle cocktail if jalapeño kicks aren’t your thing. It features Creme de Violette, and a lemon popsicle dipped in a champagne cocktail.)


Bowen House Dallas Champagne Cocktail


Having a summer meltdown? Keep it ultra-classy and chill with this uniquely timeless beverage.

A perfect twist to the traditional toast, the Bowen House champagne cocktail fuses a bubbly, dry champagne, with gin mare, fennel bitters, and fresh rosemary as the perfect garnish.

For a light fizzle with a garden-fresh twist, this cocktail has “Sex and the City” Dallas-style written all over it.



Bowen House Morgan's Collins


Refreshingly cool, this Bowen House cocktail takes it easy and keeps it light. This variation to the original Collins, Morgan’s blend includes coconut-chai, lime peach bitters, and peche liqueur  — a tasty mix oozing vacay with every sip.

Another hit on our list, be sure to get it “Morgan’s way” for a soft, pleasant beverage that is sure to quench your thirst.




Bowen House Popsicle Cocktail

We’ve saved the best for last and it’s definitely the life of the party. Another delicious fave, this popsicle concoction boasts Blue Curacao, with a raspberry ‘sicle dipped in Caipirinha.

If this isn’t the adult version of a snow cone, then we don’t know what is. But even still, sign us up for this Peruvian adventure, for the ultimate cool down, anytime.

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