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Black Curl Magic Tour Hits Dallas April 8

Dallas naturals rejoice! Christmas hath come early this year and it’s to the tune of Black Curl Magic. On April 8, 2018, Aeleise Jana and Aisha Strickland, Creators of the infamous #30DayHairDetox, will make the trek to the Big D as one of the stops on their multi-city “Black Curl Magic” tour.

The natural hair duo will take over Scene Salon to conduct a four-hour workshop on “the science of hair” — with in-depth conversations about products, one-on-one consultations, plus care and styling demos.

In addition to live instruction, attendees will also learn how to achieve moisture for curls without the use of oils, butters, greases, or a spray bottle — say what? And the icing on the cake? Inspire N Style curl influencer, Glenn Charles, of @GlennLovesCurls will also be in the building!

So just what is the #30DayHairDetox and why should you attend? Take it from us. The #30DayHairDetox is the curl revolution heard ’round the world. An innovative concept, both Aeleise and Aisha seek to defy traditional haircare methods by encouraging curly girls to get back to the basics with a little less product, and a little more H2O.

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Simply stated, the #30DayHairDetox challenges the exploration of the “true beauty” of one’s hair with a water based philosophy: no raw shea butter, no raw coconut oil, no raw castor oil, and no Eco Styler for a minimum of 30 days. Additionally, participants are urged to also eliminate products in their arsenal that contain the above elements in its top five ingredients.

With such extraordinary results, natural girls are seeing more moisture, more shine, and overall more consistency with their hair.

To learn more from Aeleise and Aisha, visit our events calendar for ticket info to the Black Curl Magic event. Early bird pricing begins at $35 (regular $50) and goes to $115 for general admission plus a dry curl cut (no styling) by the #30DayHairDetox stars.


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